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Frantoio Bianco | Apulien

Frantoio Bianco | Apulien

The oil mill Frantoio Bianco has always known how to combine tradition and innovation and is one of the most advanced companies in the canning industry in Liguria. Already in the early eighties we had added to the production of extra virgin Ligurian olive oil and Taggiasca olives in brine the first tastes of Genoese style pesto, olive paste and dried tomatoes Ligurian style. What seemed a risk at the time is now a reality that produces over a hundred typical specialties of Ligurian cuisine and exports to over 25 countries.

The family business Frantoio Bianco has been producing olive oil for 5 generations: in Aurigo, a small village in the upper Impero Valley, still stands our old oil mill, closed down after more than a century of hard work and now inspiring its modern successor. It operates continuously from November to March, grinding our company's Taggiasca olives, a large part of which yields a mild extra virgin olive oil. The oil produced in Aurigo is transferred to the modern bottling plant in Pontedassio, where it is stored in stainless steel tanks until bottling. - Gerardo [TS07/22]

´FruttOro´ · Olivenöl Extra Vergine 2022, Frantoio Bianco, Ligurien

FruttOro · Olivenöl Extra Vergine 2022

Frantoio Bianco, Liguria

This high quality olive oil comes from Liguria, more precisely from the Impero Valley, which stretches from Imperia to the Piedmontese mountains. It is the classic olive growing area of Italy. Favorable climate, the best varieties of olive trees, low environmental impact and centuries of experience of farmers and oil millers still ensure the production of a delicate and mild olive oil, appreciated in fine cuisine. - Gerardo

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