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Frantoio San Domenico | Puglia

Frantoio San Domenico | Puglia

In the heart of Puglia, the heel of Italy's boot, there are vast olive groves that have shaped the landscape for centuries and are a source of untiring beauty and strength. These majestic olive trees, rooted in the earth, draw nourishment and life from their soil, an image of constancy and abundance.

The company, proud of its 200 hectares of olive groves, of which 70 hectares are dedicated exclusively to organic farming, cultivates the tradition of olive growing. Our olive trees, with their broad, knotty trunks, tell the stories of past centuries and bear the signs of unshakeable vitality.

Puglia, nestled between the waters of the Mediterranean, is a region of timeless importance. A bridge between East and West, it is a space blessed by nature, where the cycles of life play a harmonious melody. Here, in this land shaped by sun, rain and seasons, San Domenico extra virgin olive oil is born, a symbol of purity and quality.

The short journey from the fields to the oil mill in Gioia del Colle is an odyssey of freshness and intensity. Within just 12 hours of harvesting, the olives are carefully processed, a process that preserves and enhances their incomparable aroma and flavor.

The vast olive groves and the ancient walls of the San Domenico oil mill reflect the essence of a centuries-old tradition. Here, nature and craftsmanship come together to create a product of incomparable quality and purity - a tribute to the beauty and strength of the olive trees and the timeless landscape of Puglia. - Gerardo [TS01/24]

´Svevo´ · Olivenöl Extra Vergine 2023, Frantoio Oleario San Domenico, Apulien

Svevo · Olivenöl Extra Vergine 2023

Frantoio Oleario San Domenico, Puglia

An outstanding product in our range is the popular olive oil from the Frantoio San Domenico oil mill, produced by Mancino. Produced with meticulous care and in limited quantities, Svevo is characterized by its wonderfully fresh, fruity note as well as a moderate bitterness and subtle spiciness. Svevo extra virgin is suitable for all culinary applications, whether in hot or cold dishes. It lends dishes an incomparable nuance of flavor and underlines the sophistication of every dish. - Gerardo

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