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Carignano | Grape variety

Carignano | Grape variety

The Sardinian grape variety Carignano, also known as Carignan or Carignane, is a fascinating grape variety that thrives in the vineyards of the Italian island of Sardinia. This grape variety has a rich history and is known for its unique characteristics that make it a remarkable part of the Sardinian wine world. The Carignano grape is characterized by its deep red color and its powerful flavor, often marked by notes of dark berries, spices and a subtle spiciness.

In recent decades, the Carignano grape has experienced a remarkable renaissance, as winemakers recognized its great potential and began producing premium wines from it. These wines are often of high quality, rich in aromas and capable of aging well. The unique combination of Sardinian terroir and the Carignano grape produces wines that delight wine lovers all over the world. In this article we will explore in more detail the fascinating history and the outstanding characteristics of the Carignano grape. - Gerardo [TS10/23]

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