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Traminer Aromatico | Grape variety

Traminer Aromatico | Grape variety

The Gewürztraminer grape variety, with its light reddish berries, produces particularly aromatic and full-bodied white wines. The origin of the grape variety, known all over the world, is in Tramin in South Tyrol. But Gewürztraminer has also been known in Alsace since the Middle Ages. Gewürztraminer is a monument of wine culture that has survived the centuries without damage. Where the vines were once cleared in favor of other varieties, these are now replanted.

This variety is made for lovers of aromatic wines like: it is the aromatic bouquet, complemented by the tart spicy fruit flavor which distinguish the Gewürztraminer (Traminer Aromatico). When dry, the wine goes well with spicy-aromatic dishes, but also game pies, poultry with aromatic sauce or strong ragouts. Particularly appreciated is the combination of Traminer wines with strong blue cheese. - Gerardo

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