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Gewürztraminer has been documented since the Middle Ages, it also served as a mass wine around 1470. Around 1593, the writer Aegidius Albertinus warned women against excessive consumption of this seductive wine. Despite the light reddish berries, Gewürztraminer belongs to the white wine varieties. In the vineyard, the capricious grape variety is not considered one of the dream varieties of winemakers, because its yields are irregular, for this reason alone it never conquered large areas of cultivation. The unmistakable, sometimes opulent, bulky bouquet can be immediately attributed by most wine lovers. The finest and best Gewürztraminers are serious, delicate wines, with moderate and balanced fragrant aromas. Traminer is not dissimilar to Gewürztraminer, but with light green berries and far less strong in aroma.

Between 1500 and 1900 it became increasingly quiet about the cultivation of this vine. The current cultivation area of South Tyrol extends between Algund and Salurn. As a center of cultivation are considered the sites between Kaltern and Kurtatsch, with the classic sites around the village of Tramin. Since 1975, the South Tyrolean Gewürztraminer has been placed under DOC protection.

Gewürztraminer is a varietal wine that must be made from at least 95% Traminer. The wine has a pale yellow color with light greenish reflections. In the aroma typical of mint and fine white garden roses, in the background with subtle exotic hints. The taste is mild and dry, typically aromatic. Pleasant on the palate, with a lot of melting and fine acidity with a lot of length. Depending on the quality vintage, the wines have a storage potential of 1-4 years, with longer storage, the Traminer wines become more multifaceted.

As a fresh aperitif or dessert wine, with spicy appetizers, harmonizes very well with fine Asian dishes, powerful fish dishes, shellfish and crustaceans and mature cheeses. With a drinking temperature of 10-12 ° C it is good to drink, please note its alcohol content around 14% vol - Gerardo [TS10/23]

Gewürztraminer Rebsorte

NameTraminer Aromatico
CategoryGrape Variety

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Passito Sissi DOC 2018, Kellerei Meran, Südtirol

Passito Sissi DOC 2018, Kellerei Meran

Kellerei Meran, South Tyrol
€ 35,95
95,87 €/L
´Lyra´ · Gewürztraminer DOC 2022, Nals-Margreid, Südtirol

Lyra · Gewürztraminer DOC 2022, Nals-Margreid

Nals-Margreid, South Tyrol
€ 19,50
26,00 €/L
´Fallwind´ · Gewürztraminer DOC 2022, St. Michael-Eppan, Südtirol

Fallwind · Gewürztraminer DOC 2022, St. Michael-Eppan

St. Michael-Eppan, South Tyrol
€ 16,50
22,00 €/L
´Arenis´ · Gewürztraminer DOC 2022, Kellerei Kurtatsch, Südtirol

Arenis · Gewürztraminer DOC 2022, Kellerei Kurtatsch

Kellerei Kurtatsch, South Tyrol
€ 14,95
19,93 €/L
´Sanct Valentin´ · Gewürztraminer DOC 2022, St. Michael-Eppan, Südtirol

Sanct Valentin · Gewürztraminer DOC 2022, St. Michael-Eppan

St. Michael-Eppan, South Tyrol
€ 27,95
37,27 €/L
´Nussbaumer´ · Gewürztraminer DOC 2022, Kellerei Tramin, Südtirol

Nussbaumer · Gewürztraminer DOC 2022, Kellerei Tramin

Kellerei Tramin, South Tyrol
€ 29,95
39,93 €/L