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Nebbiolo Nebbiolo

Nebbiolo | Grape variety

Nebbiolo is a world-famous grape variety from Piedmont, which produces tannin-rich and expressive wines. The wines made from it, e.g. Nebbiolo d'Alba, Barbaresco or even the famous Barolo - all age extremely slowly, but are very well suited for longer storage. The name Nebbiolo derives from 'nebbia', the term for fog, and also refers to the white coating that forms on the grapes when they are fully ripe. Nebbiolo is also called the 'fog grape' because of this fact. This grape variety has become so important in the wine world that it is considered a noble grape variety.

The well-known red grape variety Nebbiolo is responsible for many of Italy's finest and longest-lived wines. It is native almost exclusively to the Piedmont region in the northwest, where it is the most distinctive and distinguished grape. The Nebbiolo grape plays the supporting role in Barolo, the 'King of Wines'. Ten municipalities located in the hilly area around the village of Barolo (Cuneo) are part of the production zone. In Barbaresco, whose production area is located in four municipalities in the province of Cuneo, it also produces excellent wines.

Nebbiolo (also Spanna) is generally considered the best of Piedmont. At the same time, it is one of the most delicate and demanding and it makes great demands on the climate and the winemakers. It wants a warm summer for growth and a rather humid, cool autumn with mild fogs of fruit for grape ripening. Possibly the name of the vine Nebbiolo, which derives from the Ital. nebbia = fog, comes from this circumstance. The foggy climate characteristics occur in Piedmont especially in late summer and autumn and are part of the typical conditions of this region. However, it is more likely that Nebbiolo takes its name from the ripe coating that envelops the black berries like fog when ripe. - Gerardo [TS09/22]

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