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Negroamaro | Grape variety

Negroamaro | Grape variety

The Negroamaro grape variety is one of the autochthonous, i.e. indigenous, red vines of southern Italy. Especially in Puglia - the heel of the Italian boot - the so-called 'black bitter' is widespread and produces good and strong red wines. Negroamaro does not have the notoriety of the famous Primitivo, but produces similarly high qualities. Around Brindisi, Taranto and Lecce, the Negroamaro grape has always been cultivated and the vineyard area is only 20,000 hectares. This circumstance is due to the lack of marketing, because until today the 'black bitter' has little attention abroad. Although the wines would have this more than deserved.

All probability, the Greeks have brought this grape variety more than 2,000 years ago to Puglia. There Negroamaro is grown since that time and has become native. It was also the Greeks who introduced the traditional bush-tree cultivation. This was abandoned in favor of the espalier form, which allows higher planting density while maintaining the same quality. It is the unique climatic conditions that characterize the Apulian terroir: The intense sunshine during the day and the milder and cooler breezes from the sea during the nights. Through this interplay of soils and climate, the Negroamaro stores many flavors during its ripening.

Until recently predominantly used for Cuvees, now increasingly the single-varietal development takes place. The best example of Negroamaro is the famous Salice Salentino, where the grape variety is blended with Malvasia. There is no question of 'bitter' with Negroamaro - the 'black bitter'. The wines are indeed powerful and have a high tannin content. However, the southern climate also provides this soft red wine with the typical berry aromas. The slightly higher alcohol content provides hints of rum pot, this combination of fruit and alcohol is - what connoisseurs appreciate so much about Negroamaro. - Gerardo

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