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Blog: Villa Crespia | Lombardy

Villa Crespia vineyards were first discovered and zoned in the 1990s during a mapping project at Milan University. At Villa Crespia, a particular philosophy is followed, based on a new interpretation of Franciacorta: Starting from the peculiar diversity of the soils, the winery was one of the first to set out to grow and raise the grapes for Franciacorta separately by site. The vineyards are located about 350 meters above sea level and have been planted with constant attention to soil suitability. This allows a precise integration of the vineyards into the existing terroir, in order to express the maximum quality and variability of the wines.

Franciacorta is an area that lives a dynamic and continuous harmony between tradition and modernity: the vineyards have room to breathe, between roads, cities and farms. It is an extremely differentiated geological area, marked in the main by morainic soils. This varied, landscape pattern is sometimes more and sometimes less recognizable and forms the basis for the terroir of the Franciacorta area.

In addition to Chardonnay, Pinot Nero has also been planted at Villa Crespia - both grape varieties are used to make Franciacorta in their own right or blended in stylish cuvees. The Chardonnay gives the sparkling wines the necessary backbone, while the Pinot Nero captivates with finesse. This 'little grape of Franciacorta' is far less represented, at Villa Crespia it comes into its own and is also found in the best vineyard sites. - Gerardo

"Wine enthusiasts entrepreneurs from Brescia are the Muratori brothers. Under the direction of Professor Francesco Iacono, they realized an ambitious project that includes a whole fan of quality wineries in Lombardy, Tuscany and Campania. True to the principle of 'one terroir, one wine', Iacono produces only spumante at Villa Crespia in Franciacorta. This he declines in numerous variations from different sites, which have been divided into different zones after profound research into the terrain in question." - Gambero Rosso

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NameVilla Crespia
Founding Year1958
OwnerMuratori Brothers
OenologistFrancesco Iacono
Annual Production (Btls)400.000
Vineyard Area (Hectare)60
Additional PurchaseNo