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Erste + Neue | South Tyrol

Erste + Neue | South Tyrol

The Erste + Neue Kellerei has been a piece of history of the Caldaro wine industry for more than 100 years. The winery was created in 1986 by the merger of the Erste Kellereigenossenschaft with the Neue Kellereigenossenschaft. Since then, Erste + Neue has been one of the most renowned and traditional wineries in South Tyrol, which already carries its message in its name: The preservation of the tried and true and the opening to the new. A piece of it in every single bottle.

The credo of the winery describes wine as more than just a drink. The grape is accompanied on its way to the bottle. Since 1900, tradition lives in the vaults of the winery and the name Erste + Neue obliges to preserve the tried and true and open to the new. The wines tell a story and, as everywhere else in South Tyrol, wine is also enthusiasm at the same time. There, where the south takes its beginning. - Gerardo

"With about 400 members and 230 hectares of vineyards, the Erste + Neue in Kaltern is one of the largest cellar cooperatives in South Tyrol. Around the picturesque Kalterer See thrives at altitudes between 200 and 600 meters on very different soils - the spectrum ranges from sandy to loamy to gravelly, from volcanic to calcareous - almost the entire range of varieties in South Tyrol. Thanks to intensive consultation with members and gentle cellar techniques, Erste + Neue Kellerei produces not only quantity, but also quality. The range is divided into three lines: 'Classik', 'Cru' (wines from specific sites) and the top line 'Puntay'. For these, cellar master Gerhard Sanin selects the best grapes and processes them gently. Long aging on the fine lees for the white wines and aging in large and small wooden barrels for the red wines give these wines finesse, body and aging potential. The team around cellar master Gerhard Sanin has done solid groundwork in recent years. All those who have long been curious about a really good Kalterersee should try the 'Leuchtenburg' 2015 - excellent! The Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva 'Puntay' shows that heavy red wines also thrive excellently at Kalterersee." - Falstaff

Note: The merger of the winery Erste + Neue with the winery Kaltern brings some changes: so probably all named wines (Gröbnerhof, Leuchtenburg, Stern, etc.) will disappear. The wines will be reduced to a classic line as well as a premium line (Puntay). We ask for your understanding.

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