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Vigneti Pittaro Vigneti Pittaro

Vigneti Pittaro | Friaul

The Pittaro family has been producing grapes and wine for 4 centuries. Piero Pittaro re-founded the winery in 1978, which now has 90 hectares of vineyards. 85 hectares are located in the heart of the Grave del Friuli zone - in the middle of the sunny plain of Friuli. The remaining five hectares are located among the hills of Ramandolo in the area of eastern Friuli. The administrative headquarters of Vigneti Pittaro is located in Codroipo, not far from the Rivolto military airport. This airport is also home to the legendary aerobatic squadron Frecce Tricolore. The modern wine cellar has been designed according to rational criteria, but has been extended by an attractive wine museum. A second wine cellar is located in the municipality of Tarcento, where only the wines of the Ronco Vieri line are fermented. - Gerardo

"Piero Pittaro's winery is one of the most modern, best-equipped wine temples in the region. Year after year, countless visitors make a pilgrimage here - not only for the quality of the products, but also because the estate has an extensive museum attached to it, with ancient utensils related to wine, as well as a precious collection of drinking vessels. Most of the vineyards are located in the immediate vicinity of the historic buildings in Codroipo, in the heart of the sun-drenched Friulian plain; another five hectares of high-quality vineyards are found in the hills of Ramandolo. A second production unit is dedicated exclusively to the production and aging of Metodo Classico sparkling wines, which cellar manager Stefano Trinco has taken to the highest peaks of quality." - Gambero Rosso

Valzer in Rosa Moscato Rosa IGT 2021, Vigneti Pittaro, Friaul

Valzer in Rosa Moscato Rosa IGT 2021

Vigneti Pittaro, Friuli

The particular temperature game of the Grave del Friuli zone makes the taste of Rose Muscat (Moscato Rosa) 'Valzer in Rosa' a real explosion of aromas: intense fragrance with hints of dried flowers in particular roses, notes of orange peel. Sweet to the taste, pleasantly flattering and with good long-term effect. - Gerardo

"Balanced sweetness in the harmonious taste of Moscato Rosa with dog roses and oranges as aromatic accompaniment" - Gambero Rosso

'Chapeau." - Luca Maroni

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Et. Oro Spumante Brut Millesimato MAGNUM DOC 2004, Vigneti Pittaro, Friaul

Et. Oro Spumante Brut Millesimato MAGNUM DOC 2004

Vigneti Pittaro, Friuli

Pittaro produces the Spumante Millesimato only in particularly good years. The very healthy grapes must have an optimal acidity and sugar content. First the base wine is created, the high-quality basis for the sparkling wine production with a long fermentation process in the bottle. The sparkling wine matures on the fine lees for six years before these are removed in the final step and bottle maturation begins. This refining process gives the sparkling wine its particular excellence. - Gerardo

Each bottle also shows the 'Talento - Metodo Classico' symbol: This stands for 'remuage manual' or 'scuotimento manuale' (hand shaking) and emphasizes the special value of the product.

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The wine-growing zone of Friuli is located about 100 km northeast of Venice and borders in the far corner with Österia and Slovenia. The entire region is climatically quite favorable for viticulture, being protected from the north by the Alpine chain. The plain around Codroipo is the Grave del Friuli. The name, similar to Graves around Bordeaux (French: Gravier), derives from the gravelly and stony soils that predominate here. The stones store the sun's heat during the day and release it back into the environment at night. When properly managed, these soils are thus ideal for viticulture.

Father Romano Pittaro wanted his own enologist for his house, his choice fell on his son Pietro Pittaro, the current owner of Vigneti Pittaro. Pietro Pittaro not only renewed his vineyards and winery, but was also elected president of the 'Union Internationale des Aenologues' for three terms. The Union was founded in Milan in 1965 and today has its headquarters in Paris together with the 'Organisation Internationle de la Vigne et du Vin (OIV)'. The two professional associations include more than 20,000 people and more than 12,000 wineries and are thus instrumental in the development of viticulture in Europe. When Pietro Pittaro built his new winery in 1978, it caused quite a stir in the area, as the modern, American-style architecture was quite unusual. In the meantime, fancy architecture has become the hallmark of many winemakers. The aim was to achieve a harmony between technology and architecture, making it one of the first buildings of modern winery architecture. The production of sparkling wine as well as the refining of the wines of the vintners takes place in the underground cellar. Spacious areas are dedicated to the wine museum integrated in the winery, which occupies several hundred square meters on the upper floor, in the reception hall and in the garden.

Pietro Pittaro has provided numerous impulses and innovations in the viticulture of Friuli. The wines of the Collio, located directly on the border with Slovenia, began their triumphal march and achieved significant recognitions and awards. They gave impetus to the whole of Italy and in particular to South Tyrol. Today it has become a little quieter around the territory of Friuli. Although in general Friuli wine prices are considered high, in Grave - over the years - they have remained inexpensive. Pittaro's wines are characterized by a moderate alcohol content of 12-13% by volume. They are sparkling, fresh and of fine minerality with medium body, so not to be confused with the full-bodied wines from the Collio area. All wines are vinified as single varietals, so they are not blends of several grape varieties, therefore typical in taste profile. Among the white wines, the Pinot Grigio is the mildest, followed by the slightly full-bodied Chardonnay and the distinctive Sauvignon Blanc, which has a typical aroma of currant and gooseberry. Among the red wines, Merlot is soft and feminine, with wonderful fruit aromas. The Cabernet is much more distinctive, with notes of incense and herbs. The Refosco is an autochthonous red wine, slightly tannic, idiosyncratic and with a piquant astringency.more distinctive with incense and herbal notes. Refosco is an autochthonous red wine, slightly tannic, idiosyncratic and with a spicy astringency. - Gerardo

"Rightly, the Pittaro family is proud of its deep roots in the wine world. After all, they have been involved with the grape juice for more than four centuries, and Piero, who has managed the winery since it was founded in the seventies, continues unwaveringly with the production of quality wines linked to the terroir. Valuable assistance comes from cellar director and Önologist Stefano Trinco, who consolidated the traditional range and raised the quality of grapes. He is also responsible for the successful experiments in the production of spumante according to the classic method, the use of innovative grape crossings and the important Passito wines in the range. The modern cellar building near Codroipo also includes a wine museum and a valuable glass collection." - Gambero Rosso