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Aceto-Balsamico | Balsamic Vinegar

Aceto-Balsamico | Balsamic Vinegar

The vineyards of the balsamic makers Cattani are located on the Modenese hills, with grapes typical of the area, such as the sweet and fragrant Trebbiano grapes. In order to guarantee the use of selected and own grapes, Giuseppe Cattani went to quality cultivation already in the eighties, becoming a pioneer in this field. We have been trading Giuseppe Cattani's artisan balsamic vinegar from Modena for 30 years now. The quality of his balsamic vinegars has convinced us ever since, as the Cattanis have been producing balsamic vinegar since the early 19th century. It should be mentioned in passing that Cattani does indeed produce Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale, but he prefers to focus on the balsamic vinegar bottled under his eyes. Quote: 'Just as high quality, at least as long matured - but usually cheaper'. - Gerardo

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