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Friulano, formerly known as Tocai Friulano and also commonly known as Sauvignonasse or Sauvignon Vert, represents a grape variety that has become particularly famous in the white wines of Friuli in north-eastern Italy. These predominantly single-varietal wines are lively and fruity, characterized by nuances of citrus fruits, flowers and almonds, often accompanied by a hint of minerality.

In contrast to the Sauvignon Gris color mutation, this variety has no known connection to Sauvignon Blanc. Friulano wines are characterized by their aromatic intensity and show a distinct character of gooseberries and currants.

Friulano is renowned for producing light to medium-bodied dry wines with characteristic aromas of orange and marzipan, accompanied by a high alcohol content and relatively moderate acidity. From the scents of wild meadow flowers and almond blossom to ripe white fruit, nuances of pear, peach and tropical fruit unfold, accompanied by subtle citrus notes, a hint of honey and an extremely characteristic almond aftertaste. Mineral notes, nutty elements, herbs and a subtle spiciness can also be detected. - Gerardo [TS01/24]

"The grape variety with a focus on Friuli is actually called Tocai Friulano there. However, after an intervention by the Tokaji region in Hungary, the prefix Tocai was banned by an EU decree to avoid misunderstandings. Today, the variety is simply called Friulano." - Falstaff

Friulano Rebsorte

CategoryGrape Variety
SynonymsCinquien, Blanc Doux, Istarski Tokay, Furlanski Tokaj, Sauvignonasse, Sauvignonazz, Sauvignon De La Correze, Sauvignon A Gros Grains, Sauvignon Gros, Tocai Bianco, Tocai Italico, Tocai Italiano, Tocai Friulano, Tocay Fruilano, Sauvignon Vert A Besson

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