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The fascinating world of Gaglioppo wine: a journey through Calabria's terroir
In the sun-drenched hills of Calabria, one of Italy's southernmost regions, a grape variety of great importance and character thrives: Gaglioppo. This old, indigenous vine is a symbol of the region's rich wine tradition and attracts lovers of strong, expressive wines.

The home of the Gaglioppo
The Gaglioppo vine is mainly found in the Calabria region, where it finds ideal conditions in the calcareous soils and Mediterranean climate. It is believed that the grape variety is closely related to other local varieties such as Aglianico and Magliocco, which explains its unique characteristics and aromas.

Terroir and character
The terroir of Calabria has a decisive influence on the character of Gaglioppo wine. The warm days and cool nights, coupled with the mineral soils, give the grapes a remarkable structure and depth. The Gaglioppo grapes develop high sugar levels, resulting in wines with a high alcohol content and strong tannins. The result is robust red wines with a deep ruby red color and a complex interplay of aromas of dark fruits, herbs and spices.

Versatility of Gaglioppo wine
Gaglioppo is used both as a single variety and in cuveés. The grape variety is known for its ability to blend with other varieties to produce unique and balanced wines. Ageing in wooden barrels gives the Gaglioppo wine additional structure and nuances of vanilla and roasted aromas.

Shelf life and history
The robust tannins and excellent acidity structure make Gaglioppo wines excellent candidates for ageing. Under optimal conditions, they can develop and gain complexity over many years. This ability to mature makes them true treasures for wine lovers and collectors worldwide.

Food recommendations
The powerful and aromatic Gaglioppo wines harmonize perfectly with the rich Mediterranean cuisine of Calabria. They are the perfect accompaniment to spicy pasta dishes, grilled meat, mature cheese and traditional dishes such as the spicy 'Nduja salami. Their robust profile and lively acidity make them an ideal complement to rich and hearty dishes.

Future prospects
The importance of Gaglioppo wine is growing steadily, not only in Italy but also internationally. Wine lovers are increasingly discovering the beauty and uniqueness of this indigenous grape variety. Its rich heritage and ability to produce wines of remarkable quality promise an exciting future for Gaglioppo wine and its lovers around the world.

In a world marked by globalization and standardization, Gaglioppo wine reminds us of the diversity and richness of regional wine traditions. It tells the story of a region and its people and invites us to be part of this fascinating journey. - Gerardo [TS03/24]

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