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South Tyrol, one of the most beautiful regions in northern Italy, is known for its picturesque landscapes, rich culture and delicious cuisine. But the region also has a lot to offer when it comes to wine. One of the most interesting and unique red wine grape varieties in South Tyrol is Grauvernatsch. In this blog article, we will take a closer look at this grape variety and the resulting wines.

The Grauvernatsch grape is an autochthonous grape variety of South Tyrol and has been cultivated in the region for centuries. The vine is also known as 'Vernatsch' and is known for its characteristic taste, which is characterized by fruity aromas and a slight hint of bitter almond. The vine is extremely undemanding and thrives best on poor, stony soils at higher altitudes. Here it can develop its full flavor complexity.

The Grauvernatsch grape produces a light to medium-bodied wine that has a bright ruby red color and is often referred to as a 'happy' wine. The wine has a low alcohol content and a lively acidity, which makes it an ideal companion for light dishes such as pasta, pizza or even fish. However, the wine is also perfect for social occasions and is popular as an aperitif or with brunch.

Some of the best Grauvernatsch wines are produced in the South Tyrolean wine regions of Bolzano and Caldaro. These wines often have a higher alcohol content and are more complex in flavor, while remaining true to the characteristic aromas of the Grauvernatsch grape. The wines are often referred to as 'Kalterersee' or 'St. Magdalener' and are very popular with wine lovers around the world.

In summary, Grauvernatsch wines have a unique and distinctive character. The vine is an important part of South Tyrolean wine culture and is grown with passion and dedication by winemakers in the region. If you are looking for an easy-drinking yet flavorful wine, be sure to try a Grauvernatsch wine. Whether as an accompaniment to a light meal or as an aperitif, this wine is a real highlight for any wine lover. - Gerardo [TS04/23]

Grauvernatsch Rebsorte

NameSchiava Grigia
CategoryGrape Variety

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´Sonntaler´ · Vernatsch alte Reben DOC 2021, Kellerei Kurtatsch, Südtirol

Sonntaler · Vernatsch alte Reben DOC 2021, Kellerei Kurtatsch

Kellerei Kurtatsch, South Tyrol
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