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Passerina: A rare Italian grape variety that claims its place in the wine world

Italy, the land of wine lovers, is home to a multitude of grape varieties, many of which are known worldwide.But there are also some hidden treasures still waiting to be discovered.One such rarity is Passerina, an Italian grape variety that was long underrated and often blended.Today, however, it is increasingly used for single-varietal wines, and its flavor characteristics delight wine connoisseurs around the world.

Growing regions
The main region where Passerina is grown is the Marche region in central Italy. Here one finds ideal conditions for the cultivation of this grape variety. The mild climate, sea breezes and calcareous soils give the wines a remarkable freshness and elegance. Although Marche is the main production area, Passerina vineyards are also found sporadically in Abruzzo and in the regions of Umbria and Lazio.

For a long time, Passerina was used mainly for blended wines to add richness and structure to other varieties. But in recent years, winemakers have realized that Passerina can reach its full potential as a single varietal wine. With its crisp acidity and fruity aromas of citrus, green apples and floral honey, it is a perfect accompaniment to seafood, fish dishes and light appetizers.

Taste characteristics
Passerina wine is characterized by a pleasant freshness and liveliness. The crisp acidity provides a refreshing structure, while the aromas of citrus and green apples give the wine a certain fruitiness. In the background, subtle nuances of floral honey and fresh herbs can often be detected. These flavor characteristics make Passerina wines a unique taste experience.

The rarity of the grape variety
Despite its remarkable qualities and increasing popularity, Passerina remains a relatively rare grape variety to this day. This may be due to its past as a blending grape or to the fact that its commercialization has not yet reached its full potential. Wine lovers looking for new and exciting discoveries should definitely keep an eye on Passerina. With its rarity and outstanding flavor profile, it is sure to provide many more surprises.

Passerina is an Italian grape variety that has earned its place in the wine world. Thanks to its taste peculiarities and the increasing production of pure varieties, it is gaining a firm place on wine lists worldwide. With its fresh character, fruity aromas and rarity, it is a discovery that must be made. So let yourself be seduced by the Passerina and dive into the world of this fascinating grape variety. - Gerardo [TS06/23]

"Passerina is an autochthonous white wine variety of central Italy. It is grown in the regions of Abruzzo, Marche, Umbria and Lazio. Its cultivation is recommended in the provinces of Ancona, Ascoli Piceno, Frosinone, Macerata. It is permitted in the province of Teramo. In 1999, the area under vine was 1,160 hectares. It is often used as a table grape. The variety has a strong acidity when harvested early and is therefore popular for the production of spumante. Its white wine finds its way into the DOC wines Controguerra and Falerio dei Colli Ascolani, as well as the DOCG wine Offida." - Falstaff

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