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The Primitivo di Manduria wine region in southern Italy is one of the oldest wine-growing areas in the country and is known for its excellent Primitivo wines. Primitivo di Manduria is located in Puglia, a region in southeastern Italy known for its fertile soils and warm, dry climate. The region has a long history of viticulture and has played a significant role in the development of the Primitivo grape variety.

The history of Primitivo di Manduria begins in the 8th century BC, when the Greeks arrived in the region and introduced viticulture. Since then, the region has a rich history of viticulture and has become an important wine producing area. The region also has a close relationship with the Romans, who promoted viticulture in the region and introduced the cultivation of new grape varieties.

The terroir of Primitivo di Manduria is optimal for viticulture. The region has a Mediterranean climate with warm and dry summers and mild winters that provide perfect conditions for the grapes to ripen. The soils in the region are fertile and consist of clay, limestone and sand. These soils provide good drainage and a good water supply for the vines.

The Primitivo grape variety is widely planted in Primitivo di Manduria and is one of the best known grape varieties in the region. The grape variety is known for its full-bodied and fruity wines that have a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. The wines have a deep red color and aromas of plums, cherries and pepper.

The taste of Primitivo di Manduria wines depends on several factors, including terroir, aging and winemaking. Most Primitivo wines from Primitivo di Manduria are full-bodied and fruity, with a good balance between sweetness and acidity. They also have a strong tannic structure that gives them a long shelf life.

There are many wineries in Primitivo di Manduria that offer Primitivo wines in different styles and qualities. Many wineries in the region preserve the tradition of viticulture and produce their wines using the same methods that were used by their ancestors. These methods ensure higher quality and a unique taste that is typical of the region.

The regional government and wineries in Manduria have also continuously invested in modernizing viticulture and promoting the region. A large number of wine festivals and events are held in the region to promote viticulture and the region. These efforts have helped establish Primitivo di Manduria as one of Italy's best-known wine regions.

Now, Primitivo di Manduria is an important part of wine production in Italy and a major exporter of wines around the world. The region is known for its excellent Primitivo wines, which have a unique aroma and flavor typical of the Manduria area. If you are a fan of red wines and are planning a trip to Italy, a visit to Manduria is a must. - Gerardo [TS02/23]

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´Palombara´ · Primitivo di Manduria IGT 2019, Tenute Rubino, Apulien

Palombara · Primitivo di Manduria IGT 2019, Tenute Rubino

Tenute Rubino, Puglia
€ 16,95
22,60 €/L
´Primius´ · Primitivo di Manduria DOP 2020, Cantina San Donaci, Apulien

Primius · Primitivo di Manduria DOP 2020, Cantina San Donaci

Cantina San Donaci, Puglia
€ 8,25
11,00 €/L
´Ghenos´ · Primitivo di Manduria DOC 2021, Torrevento, Apulien

Ghenos · Primitivo di Manduria DOC 2021, Torrevento

Torrevento, Puglia
€ 9,50
12,67 €/L