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The fascinating grape variety Silvaner - A wine classic with character
Silvaner, also known as Grüner Silvaner, is an old and traditional grape variety grown in many wine regions around the world. Originally from Central Europe, this grape variety enjoys great popularity among winemakers and wine lovers due to its flavorful characteristics and versatility. Silvaner is characterized by its elegant acidity, subtle fruit aromas and characteristic mineral flavor.

Growing regions worldwide
Silvaner is grown in numerous wine regions around the world. The best known growing areas outside Europe are Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. There, one finds above all fresh and fruity Silvaner wines, which are characterized by a pleasant balance between acidity and fruit. In Europe, Germany is the home of Silvaner and is considered the largest growing region for this grape variety. In particular, the regions of Franconia and Rheinhessen are known for their high-quality Silvaner wines. In addition, Silvaner is also grown in Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Cultivation area Italy
A particularly interesting growing region for Silvaner is in Italy, more specifically in the province of South Tyrol. South Tyrol, known for its picturesque wine landscapes and alpine atmosphere, offers ideal conditions for growing this grape variety. The climatic conditions, consisting of warm days and cool nights, ensure a slow and uniform ripening of the grapes, which leads to an optimal development of aromas.

South Tyrolean Silvaner wines generally present with a light yellow color and a fresh, fruity bouquet. Typical aromas include citrus, green apples and a subtle herbal note. The taste of South Tyrolean Silvaner is lively, elegant and harmonious, with well-integrated acidity. The mineral character, often associated with cultivation in calcareous soils, gives the wines a particular finesse and elegance.

In the province of South Tyrol, Silvaner is cultivated by dedicated winemakers with great care and passion. The vineyards are situated in idyllic locations at different altitudes, which allows for a great variety of Silvaner wines. Although Silvaner does not enjoy the same fame in South Tyrol as other grape varieties such as Gewürztraminer or Vernatsch, it is increasingly gaining in reputation and popularity.

Silvaner is a grape variety with a great history and exciting flavor characteristics. Cultivated worldwide, it is found especially in Germany, but also in other European countries and overseas. The South Tyrol growing region in Italy offers outstanding quality and shows how the grape variety presents itself in a unique environment. Although Silvaner is not always in the spotlight, it is definitely worth discovering and delights wine connoisseurs with its elegant character and versatility. - Gerardo [TS06/23]

Silvaner Rebsorte

CategoryGrape Variety
SynonymsArvine, Arvine Grande, Augustiner Weiss, Augustraube Weisse, Beregi Szilvani, Boetzinger, Cilifantli, Gruenedel, Fliegentraube, Cynifadl Zeleny, Cynifal, Cynifal Zeleny, Frankentraube, Gelber Silvaner, Frankenriesling, Grande Arvine, Gentil Vert, Gros-Rhin, Gros Plant Du Rhin, Gros Rhin, Gruener Zierfahndler, Gruener Zierfahnler, Gruener Zierfandl, Gruener Zirfahndler, Gruenlich Gelber Sylvaner, Fueszeres Szilvani, Gruener Silvaner, Gruener Sylvaner, L'Auxerrois, Krupnyi Risling, Oesterreicher, Nemetskii Rizling, Picardon Blanc, Picardor Blanc, Picardou Blanc, Musza, Oestreicher, Mishka, Momavaka, Mushza, Mushka, Salfin, Salfine Bely, Salfin Belyi, Salvenier, Salvaner, Salviner, Salvener, Oesterreicher Gruener, Pepitraube, Pepltraube, Gruener Zirfantler, Gruenfraenkisch, Monterey Riesling, Mourton, Rhin, Plant Du Rhin, Raisin D'Autriche, Sedmogradka, Movavka, Seleni Kleshez, Sedmogradska Zelena, Selenzhiz, Selivan, Plant Du Reno, Schwuebler, Tschafahndler, Silvaner Green, Rundblatt, Silvaner Gruee, Silvaner Gruener, Silvaner Verde, Zoeld Szilvani, Tschafahnler, Scharvaner, Silvaner Vert, Sylvanske Rane, Rizling Silvani Zölt, Sonoma Riesling, Silvaner White, Zierifandler, Ziehfaedler, Zierfahndler, Zierifandel, Silvani Zoeld, Zelencic, Zeleni Silvanac, Zeleny, Scherwaner, Silvain Vert, Zeleni Silvanec, Silvaner Bianco, Silvaner Bianco Franken, Zelena, Zoeld Silvani, Silvaner Blanc, Zelena Sedmogradka, Silvania, Silvanske, Schoenfeiler, Silvanske Zelene, Silvanac Zeleni, Sylvanske Zelene, Silvanai Zeleni, Silvaner, Weisser Oesterreicher, Schwaebler, Weissblanke, Szilvani Feher, Sylvaner, Sylvan Zeleny, Weisser Silvaner, Sylvaner Green, Sylvaner Verde, Weisser Augustiner, Sylvaner Gruen, Sylvaner Vert, Sylvanertraube, Zoeldsilvani, Schoenfeilner, Zoeldszilvani, Yesil Silvaner, Zinifal