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Maurizio Russo | Campania

Maurizio Russo | Campania

In Campania, where the Gulf of Naples extends for miles into the mainland, the long-established family business of Maurizio Russo is based. The Russo family has been one of the leading producers of liqueurs based on fresh Mediterranean fruit since 1899. The secret of the production of the world famous Limoncello was handed down from the grandfather to Maurizio and his sons Gianluca and Massimiliano. A treasure trove of experience that is not only carefully guarded to this day, but is meticulously applied in the liqueurs produced. - Gerardo [TS10/22]

´Elisir di Limone´ · Limoncello, Maurizio Russo, Kampanien

Elisir di Limone · Limoncello

Maurizio Russo, Campania

The Elisir di Limone (Limoncello) is obtained from Sfusato Amalfitano limes: The trees thrive in climatically optimal conditions on the Amalfi Coast near Ravello. The limes used are an intensely aromatic variety, have a particularly thick skin, a characteristic and sweet taste. The selected fruits are harvested in the early morning hours, peeled and preserved in pure alcohol. Further processing is based on centuries-old tradition and is a family secret. The recipe is completely without artificial additives. - Gerardo [TS10/24]

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