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Vintage | 2001 Vintage | 2001

Vintage | 2001

Good, storable wine from Italy always bears a vintage. This gives information about the harvest year of the grapes used in the wine. The grape harvest usually takes place at the beginning of autumn and ranges from the end of August to mid-October. Due to the vinification that follows, the bottled wine is available on the market the following year at the earliest. The situation is different with wines that undergo further aging in wooden barrels, which is usually followed by further extensive aging in the bottle. These wines can be stored much longer and bear their vintage not as a shelf life, but as a kind of seal of quality. Older vintages of high-quality wines (especially red wines) are traded as rarities, which make connoisseurs' hearts beat faster. - Gerardo [TS07/22]

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´Rubbio´ · Rosso Piceno Superiore DOPPELMAGNUM DOC 2001, San Savino, Marken

Rubbio · Rosso Piceno Superiore DOPPELMAGNUM DOC 2001

San Savino, Marche

'Rubbio' is not only an archetypal, great Rosso Piceno - but already the fourth interpretation of this wine project: the Italian wine depot has been developing site wines together with winemaker Simone Capecci since 1990, which fully express the terroir of the Ascoli Piceno area.

This wine is of subtle finesse and touching intensity, with a bouquet reminiscent of ripe plums, sweet cherries and rum pot. The 15 months of aging in new barrique barrels, further complements the wine with soft toasted and chocolate aromas. An exceptional Rosso-Piceno Superiore, which is one of the best of the Marche and faithfully reflects the terroir of this original Italian region. Currently a delight, with much potential for further years. - Gerardo

Note: This wine is exclusively for 'fans' who know what to expect!

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