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Pfannenstielhof Pfannenstielhof

Pfannenstielhof | South Tyrol

As early as 1561, the Pfannenstielhof was described as a farm with its own torggl, a wine press, and is now run as a family business in the seventh generation. It is located in the valley bottom on the eastern edge of Bolzano amidst the vineyards. The Pfannenstielhof is a pure red wine farm with the two characteristic wines St. Magdalener and Lagrein. The Pfeifer family practices natural, integrated viticulture. This involves careful manual labor, whether it is winter pruning, defoliation, yield reduction or harvesting the grapes. The Pfeifers see it as their mission to capture the uniqueness of the soils in the wine and to produce quality wines that are typical of the site and the variety and that impress with their authenticity and individuality. - Gerardo [TS08/22]

"Johannes Pfeifer is a winemaker in the true sense of the word. Four hectares of land in the heart of the Lagrein growth zone he works and presses from the fruit real wine caliber of precisely delineated style. At the end of the year, almost 40,000 bottles are produced, all of them excellently crafted reds, first and foremost the Sankt Magdalener, which the Pfannenstielhof has under control like no other. But also the Lagrein and, as the latest creation, the Blauburgunder are exceptionally typical and anything but banal drops." - Gambero Rosso

"Very few producers can hold a candle to the Pfannenstielhof farmer. What he has brought in recent years to St. Magdalener and Lagrein on the bottle, is impressive." - Dr. Jens Priewe

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St. Magdalener Classico DOC 2021, Pfannenstielhof, Südtirol

St. Magdalener Classico DOC 2021

Pfannenstielhof, South Tyrol

St. Magdalener from Pfannenstielhof is a fresh, fruity, pleasant and very accessible wine. Nevertheless, it is complex, juicy, full-bodied and delicately spicy. It is appreciated as a traditional and at the same time modern wine, as a local specialty, as a convivial and digestible food companion. - Gerardo [TS08/22]

"However, the largest part of Pfeifer's four hectares, located directly on the farm, is planted with Vernatsch. It grows quite traditionally on the Pergel and is aged together with 5% Lagrein - in large wooden barrels. Its color: sparkling ruby red. Its aroma: cherry, fruity. The taste: juicy, powerful. In short: the prime example of a St. Magdalener classico." - Dr. Jens Priewe
"Rich sparkling ruby red with a shimmering core. Pronounced clear scent of fresh cherries, plus rosehip and fresh cloves. Stretches out nicely, showing finesse, with very well-integrated tannin, lively acidity and spicy, fruity finish, lovely expression." - Falstaff
"Brilliant ruby red, The aromas are delicate and of red fruits and spices. The palate is soft, tasty, persistent and pleasant to drink. As always." - Daniele Cernilli (Doctor Wine)

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´Annver´ St. Magdalener Classico DOC 2020, Pfannenstielhof, Südtirol

Annver St. Magdalener Classico DOC 2020

Pfannenstielhof, South Tyrol

This St. Magdalener is a tribute to Pfeifer's daughters ANNa and VERonika: a St. Magdalener with finesse, elegance and tension. Fresh, intense fruit, floral aromas, spice. Fine harmony between pronounced fruit, mild acidity and silky tannin. Very balanced, complex and structured. Soft finish with a lot of reverberation. - Gerardo [TS08/21]

"ANNVER is proof for me that St. Magdalener has refinement, longevity and potential." - Johannes Pfeifer

"The St. Magdalener 'Annver' is of a quality that one would not have believed of the Vernatsch grape even ten years ago. Pfeifer has helped the underrated grape variety reach new heights." - Der Feinschmecker

"Bright, radiant ruby red. Fragrant nose, of ripe cherries, plus hints of cinnamon and dried flowers. On the palate polished and fine, with great creaminess on the tongue, showing structure and traction, noble bitter finish." - Falstaff

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Lagrein Riserva DOC 2018, Pfannenstielhof, Südtirol

Lagrein Riserva DOC 2018

Pfannenstielhof, South Tyrol

The grapes for Lagrein Riserva grow on deep, warm, well-aerated, gravelly alluvial soils of the Eisack. The result is an expressive, fruity and dense Lagrein with velvety soft tannins and pronounced varietal character. It is intense and powerful, but also supple and elegant. - Gerardo [TS08/19]

"...The Riserva comes from 50-year-old vines still growing on the pergola. It is aged for 24 months in barriques or tonneaux and presents a just inky dark color. Similarly lush on the nose with notes of blackberries, cherries and toasty aromas, it impresses with ripe, sweet tannins and great depth of flavor." - Dr. Jens Priewe
"Bright, impenetrable purple with a deep dark core. Comes on the nose with spicy vegetal notes of thyme, juniper and dark wild berries, mocha in the background. Stretches out finely on the palate with nice fruit melt and balanced body, shows good tension with fresh acidity that carries through to the finish, good drinking flow." - Falstaff
"Dark garnet red. The aromas are complex, ink, graphite and Maraska cherry. The palate is fat, spicy and with dense and ripe tannins, but with a fresh acidity and a tangy and juicy finish." - Daniele Cernilli (Doctor Wine)

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´Der Pfannenstiel´ St. Magdalener Classico DOC 2017, Pfannenstielhof, Südtirol
Der Pfannenstiel St. Magdalener Classico DOC 2017

Pfannenstielhof, South Tyrol

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