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Soave Classico | Classic

The home of Soave is in the province of Verona, in the Veneto region of Italy. This dry white wine is named after the small town of Soave - located east of Verona - and is the cradle of the namesake white wines produced here. Soave is available as a DOC as well as DOCG wine, and in various gradations - including: Soave, Soave Classico, Soave Colli Scaligeri, Soave Spumante, Soave Superiore and finally the sweet wine version Recioto di Soave.

For a long time, Soave stood rather in the shadow of its far more famous white wine brothers such as Lugana or also Pinot-Bianco. Leading wineries such as Ca' Rugate, Suavia, Tamellini (to name a few) have always worked to improve qualities and are known for high quality Soave white wines. This has been confirmed many times by various wine critics and specialized magazines. These joint efforts are appreciated not least by a growing consumer base and give Soave a well-deserved comeback! - Gerardo [TS04/23]"In the Soave growing area there are many well-organized winegrowers' cooperatives, first and foremost the Cantina di Soave. In addition, however, there are many small and medium-sized winemakers who are not only the salt in the soup, but are also at the top in terms of quality. This is true not only for well-known and established wineries such as Gini, Pieropan, Inama or Suavia, but also many other winemakers are always waiting with pleasant discoveries at the gates of Verona. Soave - an area, therefore, from which much will still be heard." - Falstaff

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