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Vulcanic Wines | Wine Classic

Volcanic soils are responsible for some of the most interesting wines of Italy: the soils at the base of volcanoes are fertile and full of minerals. The vines that grow on them produce wines that are rich in texture and flavor. Each volcanic growing area has a distinctive character, marked by its unique soils and the autochthonous grape varieties grown on them. At the same time, they share attributes such as bright acidity, a typically salty character and an elevated flavor profile. Vulcanic Wines are individual and great and have experienced a small boom in popularity in recent years. Vulcanic wines speak a clear language, they can be found all over the world and very specifically in Italy. One of the most famous locations is probably Etna, but volcanic soils can be found in Soave in the north, Tuscany to Basilicata in the south. - Gerardo [TS03/23]

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