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Bombino Nero | Grape variety

Bombino Nero | Grape variety

The two grape varieties Bombino Bianco as well as Bombino Nero are cultivated among others in the region of Puglia, but they are not related to each other. The most famous wine that contains Bombino Bianco is Locorotondo and other wines from Castel del Monte. Bombino Nero, on the other hand, is mainly used for Cuvee's or Rosato, including the famous Castel del Monte Bombino Rosato. - Gerardo

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Pungirosa Castel del Monte Bombino Nero Rosato DOCG 2020, Rivera, Apulien

Pungirosa Castel del Monte Bombino Nero Rosato DOCG 2020

Rivera, Puglia

The color is a light, pleasant coral pink. On the nose, fine, fruity bouquet of rosehip and cherry. Fresh and supple on the palate, with delicate acidity and long, juicy finish. - Gerardo

"Bright, delicate salmon pink. On the nose of red currants, white flowers, salty, then blood orange. Balanced on the palate, delicate melt meets well-integrated acidity, supple." - Falstaff

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