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Carricante | Grape variety

Carricante | Grape variety

The white grape variety Carricante is an ancient autochthonous variety and is mainly cultivated in Sicily. Even there, however, it is rather rare to find. White wine made from it is light, fruity and carries a fragrant note. While the alcohol content is at a relatively low level, the variety is known to yield wines that are acidic. The wines are interesting in taste and go well with fish dishes in particular, as well as with fennel.

However, Carricante is mainly used as a component of various blends. For example, the variety forms the main ingredient of Etna Bianco, a white wine grown and processed at the foot of the volcano of the same name. It is often blended with the Catarratto Bianco comune, Catarratto Bianco lucido and Minnella Bianca grape varieties.

The variety is known for its high yield, which is one of the reasons for its name (from Italian carricare = to load, to burden). Carricante ripens very late and sometimes even stands on the slopes until October in cool seasons. It is also susceptible to a number of diseases, which can make it quite a challenge to grow. A vine training, that is the systematic pruning of its shoots, prevents that the wines that later emerge from it become watery. - Gerardo

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