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Nero di Troia | Grape variety

Nero di Troia | Grape variety

Uva di Troia, which means 'the grape of Troy'. Today, however, it is more common to speak of Nero di Troia, meaning 'the black of Troy,' in reference to the popular Nero d'Avola grape variety. Nero di Troia is a grape that produces a deep dark, almost purple shimmering red wine. Its wine is also very tannic, rustic and drinkable, reaching high alcohol levels of up to 14 percent. It is found primarily in the Italian red wine varieties Rosso Barletta, Rosso di Cerignola and Castel del Monte.

Nero die Troia is an ancient autochthonous red wine variety grown mainly in the Italian region of Puglia, where it was discovered. Although there is also a place called Troia, it is widely believed that the Greeks brought this grape variety from the now destroyed and legendary city of Troia. In addition to Puglia, the provinces of Brindisi and Foggia are also among its cultivation areas.

Unfortunately, Nero die Troia is not a particularly productive grape variety. It is very late ripening and only moderately vigorous. It is also susceptible to downy and powdery mildew and threatened by the warm, apulian southerly wind Favio. For this reason, its cultivation has been neglected for a long time, and only in recent years has it been cultivated purely by more and more winegrowers. - Gerardo

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