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Ottavianello | Grape variety

Ottavianello | Grape variety

The southern Italian grape variety Ottavianello is grown in Puglia and produces the pure red wine Ottavianello di Ostuni DOC. The grape variety is rather unknown in this country, but hundreds of synonyms exist (e.g. Cinsault in France) which testifies to its great age and wide distribution. The wines made from it are tasty, interesting and fall under the category: Still to be discovered! - Gerardo

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´Flaminio´ Ottavianello di Ostuni DOP 2017, Agricole Vallone, Apulien

Flaminio Ottavianello di Ostuni DOP 2017

Agricole Vallone, Puglia

This distinctive, delicate and floral red wine is made 100% from the native grape variety Ottavianello. This grape variety is traditionally grown in the Ostuni area and is regaining importance in the wake of the rediscovered grape varieties. Vallone's Ottavianello has great fruit, animating freshness and moderate tannins. - Gerardo [TS06/18]

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´Lamo´ Ottavianello Ostuni DOC 2019, Tenute Rubino, Apulien

Lamo Ottavianello Ostuni DOC 2019

Tenute Rubino, Puglia

The pure Ottavianello Lamo is ruby red in color with distinct purple reflections in the glass. On the nose alternating floral, spicy and herbaceous notes. Delicate and fine on the palate, the tannins remain in the background, the rest is harmoniously combined. - Gerardo

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