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Syrah | Grape variety

Syrah | Grape variety

Although this grape variety originated in the Rhone, many consumers are far more familiar with Shiraz from Australia (known there as Shiraz) or South Africa. Nowadays, the red wine grape also achieves considerable success in Sicily and Tuscany, whereby the Italian version is clearly drier in taste and is more reminiscent of Rhone Syrah than the Australian version.

The Italian Syrah should be seen separately, also because the methods of cultivation in Italy are usually quite different. The result is a very European Syrah with the typical notes of currants, the strong, dark red color and the relatively high tannin content. The Syrah vine prefers sunny regions and, in the wake of climate change, is also gaining in importance in Italy (especially in Tuscany). There, the grape variety produces full-bodied and powerful red wines with a distinct fruitiness, which also captivate with their spicy-peppery bouquet. Some wineries in Tuscany nowadays also increasingly use the Syrah, even if the plantings are still projects for the future. Accordingly, wine drinkers are more avant-garde, because in the mainstream Italy's Syrah is far from having arrived. - Gerardo

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