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The region of Campania, with its rugged coasts and partly quite different wine-growing areas, is characterized by the volcanic soils and the Mediterranean climate. Accordingly, the mineral character of the wines is pronounced. Although the area is mainly known for red wines with high tannin content - such as Aglianico and its most famous representative - Taurasi. However, appealing whites such as Falanghina, Biancolella, Greco Bianco, Forastera and Fiano are also among the region's specialties. - Gerardo

"The strategic foundations for their success were laid by Campania's winemakers back in the nineties. The main factors for this were the concentration on autochthonous vines, territorial specialization, the diversity of supply and a large market in the immediate vicinity, stretching from the Amalfi Coast to the islands, from Naples to Rome; the national capital is in any case the main buyer of Campanian wine outside the region." - Slow Wine

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