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Rosé from Italy

Rosé from Italy

Rosé wines are fine aperitifs and excellent food companions, especially in spring and summer time. The typical Rosè is drunk chilled, is light, refreshing and light red in color. Rosato from Italy is predominantly dry, although there are also discreetly sweet variants. All Rosè wines have in common that you are served cold like white wine and complement especially salads, vegetable dishes and fish cuisine excellent.

Gone are the days when Rosato was associated with sweet wines of mostly simple quality. Rosé has grown up and offers refreshing variety at a high level, especially during the bright season. In this sense: Drink Pink! - Gerardo [TS06/22

"Rosé wine has for many more of the red wine than the white wine, while it is prepared almost in the same way as white wine without barrel aging. The only difference comes into play when grinding the grapes: If you soak the red skins in the juice, a little pigment is extracted and the wine takes on color." - Max Allen (The Magic of Wine)

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Rosé from Italy

Rosé from Italy

Rosé wine is a popular type of wine made from red grapes, but only briefly in contact with the skins before the juice is pressed off. The brief contact with the skins gives rosé wine a pink color and some of the aromas and flavors of red wine, but usually a lower alcohol content and milder taste than red wine.

There are many different types of rosé wine that taste and are used differently depending on the region and grape variety. Some of the most popular rosé wine varieties are Provence Rosé, Sancerre Rosé and Zinfandel Rosé. Provence Rosé, for example, has a light and dry texture and an aroma of red fruits and flowers, while Sancerre Rosé has a strong and fresh taste with aromas of citrus and green fruits.

Some regions that are particularly known for their rosé wines are France, Spain and Italy. France, especially the Provence region, produces the most rosé wines and has a long tradition. Spain has also gained importance for rosé wines in recent years, especially in the region of Navarra and La Rioja. In Italy, there is also a wide range of rosé wines that come from different regions and are made from different grape varieties.

Rosé wine is particularly suitable for summer, as it usually has a light and refreshing taste and goes well with light dishes, such as salads, fish and poultry. It is also a popular aperitif and is often served at cocktail parties and outdoor events.

Overall, rosé wine is a versatile and popular wine that is suitable for both formal occasions and informal gatherings. There are countless types of rosé wine to suit different tastes and occasions. It is important to serve rosé wine at the right temperature and in the right glasses to enjoy the full flavor. - Gerardo [TS01/23]