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Blog: Borgo Paglianetto


Die Region Marken steht bis heute hinter der weitaus bekannteren Toskana zurück. Dabei hat das Anbaugebiet eine Menge für Weinliebhaber zu bieten: Die Palette umfasst fünf DOCG Weine mit der höchsten Appellation sowie 16 DOC Weine aus kontrollierter Herkuft. Von der prestigeträchtigen und bekannten Weißweinrebsorte Verdicchio, über den Offida Pecorino und Offida Passerina bis hin zur fast vergessenen Vernaccia di Serrapetrona. Außerdem sind der Bianchello del Metauro, der Rosso Piceno, Rosso Conero sowie der Falerio dei Colli Ascolani und der Lacrima di Morro d’Alba eine Erwähnung wert. Viele dieser hochwertigen und ausgesprochen eigenständigen Weine sind kaum über Italiens Grenzen hinaus bekannt. The many visitors to the region are all the more delighted and amazed at the wonderful wines produced by local manufactories of small and medium size.

In the heart of the Marche, in a protected valley well-suited for viticulture not far from the town of Matelica, the Borgo Paglianetto winery has established its headquarters. The name 'Pagliano' appeared in Bastiano Vespa's land register in 1550: the name Pagliano (or rather 'Contrada Pagliano') symbolized the properties of the inhabitants whose possessions belonged to the Church of the Holy Cross. The romantic area around Matelica has always been the hub for the production of the famous white wine Verdicchio, a wine of long tradition and modern, timeless taste.

Vines are in fact part of the ancient culture of Matelica. They date back to the pre-Roman period. Discoveries show hundreds of bundles of vines given as burial gifts during the funeral of a prince, the 'warrior in the tomb of Villa Clara' is one of the oldest statements about the culture of the vine in Italy. The discovery of the remains of Villa Clara have also helped to archive some typical military equipment as well as two scepters and a helmet. The presence of the grape in Matelica is also documented in the discovery, during an excavation in the historic center of the city. Numerous grape seeds were found, which were eaten during the meals served in the aristocratic palaces of the city in the XIV century.

The picturesque area around Matelica preserves history, art and tradition. Based on a careful local clone selection, Borgo Paglianetto has been able to preserve old Verdicchio vines and now plant over 20 hectares of vineyards in Matelica. In the heart of the Verdicchio growing area, Borgo Paglianetto produces extract-rich wines with a fine aromatic note and minerality. The prolonged aging and extended aging of the wines further enhances this density of flavors, allowing for wines of great value and intensity.

The recent decision to switch from conventional farming to natural farming is an important signal to consumers, because healthy grapes are equally significant for the winery's high-quality products. The absence of chemicals and the reduction of sulfites are important milestones and unique factors, emphasizing territory, climate and honest manual labor, and transferring the resulting quality to the wines. In addition, the special microclimate of the area contributes to the ideal ripening of the grapes and allows natural cultivation without artificial additives in the vineyard as in the cellar. The wines of Borgo Paglianetto age a little longer in the bottle than usual, giving them more depth and allowing them to develop better. - Gerardo [TS06/22]

NameBorgo Paglianetto
Founding Year2003
OwnerMario Basilissi
OenologistAroldo Bellelli
Annual Production80.000
Vineyard Area (Hectare)25
Additional Purchaseno
Cultivationclose to nature
Grape VarietiesVerdicchio

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Borgo Paglianetto, Marche
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17,20 €/L
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