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Oasi degli Angeli Oasi degli Angeli

Oasi degli Angeli | Marche

Oasi degli Angeli is a winery with micro-production, which has managed in a very short time to catapult itself into the phalanx of the absolute cult labels of Italy and is one of the most sought-after wines. The capital of the estate are the vineyards, some of which are up to 90 years old, which are nurtured and cared for with passion and deliver absolute top quality thanks to the incomparably good locations and the lowest yields. The sympathic couple Eleonora Rossi and Marco Casolanetti have dedicated themselves especially to the grape variety Montepulciano and show the world what incredible wines can be made from it with passion and dedication. - Gerardo [TS06/22]

"Marco Casolanetti and Eleonora Rossi have represented and still represent the engine that has managed to restart the qualitative growth of many small and medium wineries in Piceno. This happened thanks to their competence, passion and desire to share experiences. To all this they added a fierce search for quality, ranging from planting systems of twenty-two thousand to forty thousand vines per hectare with minimum yields, to the selection of more and more refined woods." - Daniele Cernilli (Doctor Wine)

"The Oasi degli Angeli consists of a residence, winery, an osteria open only on weekends, vineyards, a vegetable garden and rabbit hutches. We are in the valley of the torrent Sant'Egidio, where Marco Casolanetti and Eleonora Rossi returned in the nineties after finishing their university studies in Bologna. She - a prevented teacher and excellent cook - to take over the rural inheritance of her parents, he to find a spiritual balance to his engineering studies. Ultimately, both were lured by a passion for wine. The first bottle of Kurni dates back to 1997, and since then this creation has had an army of followers, a few envious critics, and countless failed imitators." - Slow Wine

´Kurni´ Rosso Marche IGT 2019, Oasi degli Angeli, Marken

Kurni Rosso Marche IGT 2019

Oasi degli Angeli, Marche

According to the international press, the best wine of the Marche region. The Kurni consists of 100 percent of relatively late harvested Montepulciano. Part of the grapes are post-dried on straw mats, the same as for Amarone. The wine is aged for 22 months in barriques. - Gerardo [TS06/20]

"Lush nose with notes of chocolate, elderberry and mulberry, followed by tobacco and cardamom, impressive. Opens on the palate with baroque fullness, lots of sweet fruit, mulberries again, in the back course marked by dense, tightly meshed tannin, has rich pressure in the finish." - Falstaff

"Impenetrable garnet red. The aromas on the nose are intense with notes of licorice, ripe blackberries and Mediterranean herbs. The palate is powerful, concentrated, biting and very fresh. The tannins are powerful, juicy and of high quality structure. Endless and juicy finish." - Daniele Cernilli (Doctor Wine)

"The Kurni is a unique plant that can be recognized among thousands. Opinions about it differ, but it is undeniably a very personalized Montepulciano, with a phenomenal sales success. The fruity and creamy, then spicy density characterizes the Kurni. Despite its sweet and soft approaches, the taste evolves under the dictates of a uniform and very gentle tannin." - Slow Wine

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