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Red wines with residual sweetness are common throughout Italy and are prepared using numerous but similar production methods: The myriad variations of Amarone, Ripasso, Sforzato, Appassimento, Doppio Passo, etc., have in common that the grapes are dried before pressing. This can be done in various ways, such as drying the grapes directly on the vine. Another widely used method is drying the grapes on straw mats after the harvest. This production method concentrates fructose and extracts in the grapes, resulting in a wine with increased residual sugar content. This provides a smooth and round taste without rough edges, the tannins recede into the background and the residual sweetness dominates. Especially wine drinkers who dislike dry and tannic wines will like the Appassimento. - Gerardo [TS09/22]


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Robbione Vernaccia Nera Appassimento DOC 2011, Terre di Serrapetrona, Marken

Robbione Vernaccia Nera Appassimento DOC 2011, Terre di Serrapetrona

Terre di Serrapetrona, Marche
€ 21,95 jetzt € 17,99
23,99 €/L
´Passaturo´ · Malvasia Nera IGT 2019, Vetrère, Apulien

Passaturo · Malvasia Nera IGT 2019, Vetrère

Vetrère, Puglia
€ 10,95
14,60 €/L
´Passione Reale´ · Appassimento Rosso IGP 2021, Torrevento, Apulien

Passione Reale · Appassimento Rosso IGP 2021, Torrevento

Torrevento, Puglia
€ 9,95
13,27 €/L