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Passaturo · Malvasia Nera IGT 2019

Vetrère, Puglia

´Passaturo´ · Malvasia Nera IGT 2019, Vetrère, Puglia
Malvasia Nera is an autochthonous grape variety of Puglia, which is rarely vinified pure, in the case of Vetrere even by the appassimento method: Deep red color in the glass, vegetal notes of ripe fruit and spices on the nose. In the mouth it has a bittersweet and pithy taste, with moderate acidity and noticeable tannins. - Gerardo [TS12/20]
0,75-LPrice incl. VAT (DE)  plus Shipping    contains Sulfites 14,5 % Vol. in stock

 € 9,95 13,27 €/L

´Passaturo´ · Malvasia Nera IGT 2019

Content information
Product name´Passaturo´ · Malvasia Nera IGT 2019, Vetrère, Puglia
RegionApulien / Taranto / Italien
ProducerAzienda Agricola Vetrere, S.P. Monte lasi Montemesola, Km 16, I-74100 Taranto (TA)
Alcohol14,5 % Vol.
Grape Variety(ies)100% Malvasia Nera
Storage potential2024+
Residual sugar12 g/L
Serving temperature16-18 ° C.
Product typeDry Redwine
Contents0,75-L Bottle
Item number3126611789
Additives subject to declaration / AllergensContains sulfites

Founding Year2002
OwnerAnnamaria & Francesca Bruni
OenologistMartina Andriani
Annual Production250.000
Vineyard Area (Hectare)37
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