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Lugana: A look at a unique Italian white wine
Today we would like to talk to you about a wine of incomparable sophistication: Lugana. Allow me to take you on a journey into the fascinating world of this wine as we take an in-depth look at its history, origin, the grape varieties used, its ageing and its ageing potential. Lugana, a wine whose unmistakable taste and ageing potential were already raved about by Luigi Veronelli.

The story behind Lugana
Lugana has a rich history that stretches back to the heart of Lake Garda. The origins of this wine go back a long way and its history is linked to the charm and beauty of the region. A legend tells of a fearless airplane pilot named Mr. Agello, who expanded the borders of Lugana during the fascist era. His quest for speed records brought him to Desenzano del Garda, where the history of Lugana slowly began to unfold.

The grape variety: Trebbiano di Lugana
Lugana is made from the Trebbiano di Lugana grape, which thrives in the gentle hills of the province of Brescia. This grape has a unique ability that makes Lugana wine so special. Its late ripening and capriciousness make it challenging to grow, but the results are worth it. Lugana wine reveals the essence of this grape with every sip.

The area of origin
The area of origin of Lugana stretches along the shores of Lake Garda in the Lombardy region, specifically in the province of Brescia. The hilly landscapes and mild climate around Lake Garda offer ideal conditions for growing the Trebbiano di Lugana grape, from which Lugana wine is made. The vineyards extend over gentle hills, which are characterized by calcareous soils and offer unique terroir characteristics.

The ageing of Lugana
Lugana wine undergoes a careful ageing process that emphasizes its quality and refinement. From harvesting the grapes to bottling, every step is carried out with dedication and expertise. Vinification and ageing play a decisive role in developing the unique character of Lugana wine.

Assessing the ageing potential
What about the ageing potential of this exceptional wine? Lugana has the remarkable ability to develop and improve over time. Well-aged Lugana can develop over several years and gain in complexity. The right storage conditions are crucial in order to develop the full potential of this wine.

Lugana is not just a wine; it is a journey through the landscapes and traditions of Lake Garda. Its history, origin, grape varieties, ageing and ageability make it a jewel of the Italian wine world. The next time you open a bottle of Lugana, think about the fascinating history that surrounds this wine and savor every precious sip. - Gerardo [TS03/24]

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Lugana Der Evergreen vom Gardasee

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´Nasomatto´ · Trevenezie Bianco IGT 2022, Ottella, Venetien

Nasomatto · Trevenezie Bianco IGT 2022, Ottella

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´Back to Silence´ · Lugana DOC 2022, Ottella, Venetien

Back to Silence · Lugana DOC 2022, Ottella

Ottella, Veneto
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