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The wine region of South Tyrol in northern Italy is known for its unique red wine varieties, including the Edelvernatsch grape. Although this grape variety is closely related to the Grauvernatsch grape, there are subtle differences in terms of taste and cultivation.

Edelvernatsch grape is also an autochthonous grape variety in South Tyrol that has been cultivated in the region for centuries. However, compared to the Grauvernatsch vine, it has a higher tannin content and a somewhat more intense flavor. The wine made from this vine is medium to heavy-bodied and has a darker, ruby red color.

Edelvernatsch wines often have notes of cherry, plum and blackberry, as well as hints of spice and tobacco. The wine's acidity is balanced and the tannins are fine, giving it a pleasant structure. The wine has a higher alcohol content than the Grauvernatsch and is therefore an excellent accompaniment to hearty dishes such as game, beef or strong cheeses.

Edelvernatsch grapes thrive best on calcareous soils and in a cool, dry environment. The best wines are produced in the wine regions of Kaltern, Tramin and Eppan. Viticulture in these regions is demanding due to the cool climate and high elevations, but this results in wines of high quality.

Overall, Edelvernatsch is an excellent red wine from South Tyrol that has a unique and distinctive character. Compared to the Grauvernatsch grape, it is more intense and better suited to accompany hearty dishes. If you are looking for a red wine that will delight your taste buds and still have a certain complexity, you should definitely try an Edelvernatsch. This wine is a must for any wine lover who wants to discover the best of South Tyrolean wine culture. - Gerardo [TS04/23]

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Kalterersee Classico Superiore DOC 2022, Kellerei Tramin, Südtirol

Kalterersee Classico Superiore DOC 2022, Kellerei Tramin

Kellerei Tramin, South Tyrol
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