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Forastera - The Italian grape variety with the flavors of the south.

Forastera is a well-known white wine grape variety that originates from Campania, Italy. In particular, this grape variety is grown on the islands of Procida and Ischia, off the coast of Naples. It enjoys great popularity among locals and has also found many followers worldwide. Forastera is used both for varietal wines and blended wines and is characterized by its flavorful and aromatic character.

The Forastera grape is widely grown in Campania, a region in southern Italy. It typically produces aromas of stone fruit such as peach and apricot, accompanied by a herbaceous maquis note. A distinctive almond flavor rounds out the flavor profile. Forastera varietal wines are known for their lightness and freshness and are best enjoyed in their youth. They present themselves as very refreshing and light, and their flavors are at their best when they are still young.

The Forastera grape is a prime example of the diversity and quality of Italian wine varieties. The warm Mediterranean winds and the unique terroir of Campania help this grape variety reach its full potential. The Forastera grape is closely linked to the culture and history of the region, reflecting the charm and heritage of Campania.

Forastera wines have gained international attention and are appreciated by wine lovers all over the world. The unique aromas and pleasant freshness make them ideal companions for light dishes, fresh seafood and Mediterranean cuisine. Whether as a food companion or a refreshing aperitif, Forastera wines offer a flavorful journey of discovery through the sun-drenched region of Campania.

The Forastera grape variety impressively proves that Italy is not only known for its world-famous red wines, but also produces excellent white wines. Its unique aroma profile and easy drinkability make it a wonderful choice for wine lovers in search of new taste experiences. Whether one prefers the varietal wines or the blended wines, the Forastera grape variety is undoubtedly an asset to the wine world and deserves its high esteem.

The Forastera grape embodies the fascination of the Italian wine tradition and invites you to discover the flavors of the South. With its history, character and versatility, the Forastera grape remains a true treasure that delights both experienced wine lovers and novices. Discover the world of Forastera wines and let yourself be enchanted by its southern Italian charm. - Gerardo [TS06/23]

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Ischia Biancolella DOC 2022, Casa D'Ambra

Casa D'Ambra, Campania
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Ischia Forastera DOC 2021, Casa D'Ambra, Kampanien

Ischia Forastera DOC 2021, Casa D'Ambra

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Ischia Bianco DOC 2022, Casa D'Ambra, Kampanien

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