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Monica di Sardegna: the essence of Sardinian wine tradition
Sardinia, an island full of history, culture and scenic beauty, is not only a destination for sun worshippers, but also for wine lovers looking for unique taste experiences. Amidst the fascinating wine landscape of Sardinia is a grape variety that embodies the essence of the Sardinian wine tradition: Monica di Sardegna.

The growing area and the terroir
The Monica di Sardegna grape mainly thrives in the sun-drenched vineyards of the island of Sardinia, where the Mediterranean climate and mineral soils provide ideal conditions. The gentle hills and mild climate help the grapes to ripen slowly and evenly, giving the wines a special finesse and depth.

The wines and their taste
The wines made from the Monica di Sardegna grape are characterized by their lively fruitiness and elegant structure. With aromas of red berries, cherries and a hint of Mediterranean herbs, they take the palate on a journey through the Sardinian countryside. Monica di Sardegna wines can be enjoyed as pure varietal wines, but are also often used in cuvées, where they bring their fruity freshness and characteristic note.

Ageing in wooden barrels and shelf life
Some winemakers choose to age their Monica di Sardegna wines in wooden barrels to give them additional complexity and structure. The careful use of oak wood can create subtle nuances of vanilla and spices that enrich the taste experience. Monica di Sardegna wines also have a remarkable ageing potential, gaining elegance and developing their aromas harmoniously over the years.

History and significance
The history of the Monica di Sardegna grape variety goes back a long way and is closely linked to the Sardinian wine tradition. It has been cultivated on the island for centuries and has established itself as an integral part of the Sardinian wine world. Today, it is enjoying growing popularity both locally and internationally, as more and more wine lovers appreciate its unique qualities and distinctive character.

Overall, the Monica di Sardegna grape variety embodies the soul and spirit of the Sardinian wine tradition. With its connection to Sardinia's unique terroir, its diverse range of flavors and its historical significance, it has established itself as a symbol of the island's rich wine landscape. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Monica di Sardegna wines and let yourself be seduced by their incomparable beauty.

Food recommendations
Monica di Sardegna wines harmonize wonderfully with the rich Mediterranean cuisine of Sardinia. Their lively fruitiness and elegant structure make them ideal companions for a wide variety of dishes. Try them with grilled meat, spicy pasta dishes or traditional Sardinian specialties such as porceddu (suckling pig) or culurgiones (Sardinian dumplings). Monica di Sardegna wines also unfold their full potential with cheese platters featuring local varieties such as Pecorino or Casu Marzu, ensuring an unforgettable taste experience. Enjoy the diversity and aromas of Sardinia in every glass of Monica di Sardegna. - Gerardo [TS03/24]

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´Zeniosu´ · Monica di Sardegna Superiore DOC 2021, Santa Maria la Palma, Sardinien

Zeniosu · Monica di Sardegna Superiore DOC 2021, Santa Maria la Palma

Santa Maria la Palma, Sardegna
€ 8,95
11,93 €/L
´Perdera´ · Monica di Sardegna DOC 2022, Argiolas, Sardinien

Perdera · Monica di Sardegna DOC 2022, Argiolas

Argiolas, Sardegna
€ 9,95
13,27 €/L