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Monica di Sardegna | Grape variety

Monica di Sardegna | Grape variety

Monica di Sardegna is an autochthonous red wine variety from Sardinia. There it was first cultivated in the area around Alghero, but later spread throughout the island by monks. Hence the name Monica, it derives from the Italian word monaca, which means monk. The grape variety is also known as Monica Nera. It yields a very dark red wine, with a full and round taste. The aftertaste has a characteristic spiciness.

Three types of wine are permitted under the Monica di Sardegna denomination: Monica Sardegna and Monica Sardegna Superiore red wines and Monica Sardegna Frizzante sparkling wine. They must be made from at least 85 percent Monica Nera grapes. In addition, 15 percent of other grape varieties may be blended, but they must also be permitted in the Sardinia region. In addition, the Monica grape is also permitted in the DOC wines Campidano di Terralba, Mandrolisai, Monica di Cagliari.

The exact origin of the ancient grape variety is unknown. It was discovered in Sardinia, but this does not mean that it appeared here for the first time. There is a persistent theory that it actually originated in Spain. There was even a suspicion that it was identical to the Spanish Mission variety. However, DNA studies have since disproved this. - Gerardo

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Monica di Sardegna Superiore DOC 2018, Santa Maria la Palma, Sardinien

Monica di Sardegna Superiore DOC 2018

Santa Maria la Palma, Sardegna

This wine is made from the native grape variety Monica di Sardegna: strong ruby red color with garnet inclusions. Aroma of berry jam and fresh fruit. Dry on the palate, with some acidity and restrained body. - Gerardo [TS06/19]

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´Serra Lori´ Isola dei Nuraghi Rosato IGT 2021, Argiolas, Sardinien

Serra Lori Isola dei Nuraghi Rosato IGT 2021

Argiolas, Sardegna

Bright pink color with violet reflections in the glass. On the nose fruity notes of grapefruit and wild strawberries. Animating acidity on the palate, slightly fruity but straightforward. - Gerardo

"Bright light vermilion. Rosehip, cocktail cherry on the nose, plenty of structure in the mouth, strong minerality but also a slight sweetness, present palate fruit, well-integrated acidity, a taut and powerful rosé that can handle more substantial dishes à la grilled lamb chops." - Falstaff

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´Perdera´ Monica di Sardegna DOC 2020, Argiolas, Sardinien

Perdera Monica di Sardegna DOC 2020

Argiolas, Sardegna

This varietal Monica di Sardegna glows ruby and amaranth red in the glass with purple highlights. The nose is dominated by fruity aromas of plums, cherries, strawberries and Mediterranean spices, with light toasted notes. The palate is wonderfully soft, delicate, juicy and round. - Gerardo

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