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The renaissance of Susumaniello: rediscovery of an Apulian icon
The history of Susumaniello is marked by ups and downs, and its glory faded in the 1990s, when many Apulian winegrowers were forced to uproot their less productive vineyards. But for Luigi Rubino, a passionate connoisseur of the unique characteristics of this grape variety, this was the beginning of a mission: the rediscovery and promotion of one of Puglia's most identity-forming varieties. At the Jaddico winery on the Adriatic coast, 8 km north of Brindisi, he worked to bring Susumaniello back to the fore.

The vineyards of the Jaddico estate: an ideal terroir for Susumaniello
The Susumaniello vines on the Jaddico estate benefit from a unique terroir. The proximity to the Adriatic Sea and the favorable winds from the north protect the vines from the drying effects of the Scirocco. During the final ripening phase of the grapes, the daily temperature fluctuations increase, which promotes the accumulation of polyphenols and higher concentrations of aromatic substances, thus improving the quality of the grapes.

Cultivation methods and soil conditions: the art of viticulture
Susumaniello vines are grown either as espaliers or as bush vines, with the latter playing a particularly important role in the past. The soils, calcareous and sandy, offer optimal conditions for the development of the root system and ensure effective drainage of excess water. The vineyards have been carefully planted and intensive monitoring and care of the vines is ensured by a strict production protocol aimed at maximizing the exceptional quality of the grapes.

Alberello training system: tradition meets innovation
The traditional Alberello training system has a long history in Puglia and still plays an important role today. This method has played a decisive role in overcoming the challenges of the dry climate and poor soils. The vineyards cultivated using this system are often true plant sculptures, shaped by the work of generations of farmers.

Luigi Rubino and his Tenute Rubino winery have made it their mission not only to produce excellent wines, but also to preserve and promote the rich tradition and heritage of Apulian viticulture. Susumaniello is at the heart of this, as a symbol of the unique diversity and quality that the region has to offer. - Gerardo [TS03/24]

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Torre Testa · Salento Susumaniello IGT 2017 (6er Holzkiste), Tenute Rubino

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´Torre Testa´ · Salento Susumaniello IGT 2017, Tenute Rubino, Apulien

Torre Testa · Salento Susumaniello IGT 2017, Tenute Rubino

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