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Kalterersee | Classic

Unfortunately, for commercial reasons, the area of the Kalterer See has been very broadly defined, we limit ourselves to the core zone, with its classic sites. These classic sites are all within sight of the lake, including Bischofsleiten of Castell Sallegg in St. Josef am See. Kalterersee is made from the autochthonous Vernatsch grape variety, which occupies a prominent position in the production of red wine in South Tyrol. The wines made from this grape are bright raspberry red, with subtle raspberry fruit and fine herbal spice. On the finish, the wine promises a delicate almond aroma and shows subtle acidity with mild tannins. - Gerardo [TS02/23]

"The 'Kalterersee Charta" - the seal of approval for one of the most popular red wines: a great name for a project that no one in Kaltern would have thought possible ten years ago. Black on white it is now in the preamble of the charter:

'We the member wineries of wein.kaltern, commit ourselves to fill our best Kalterersee wines under the quality seal Kalterersee-Charta and to conscientiously comply with the following agreement for the quality and image promotion of Kalterersee and to control accordingly. For us, Kalterersee is a modern, area-typical and unique red wine.'

In the climate of great successes during the first years of joint work in the wein.kaltern project, the conviction developed among the partner wineries and in the entire village that combined efforts can mean the decisive competitive edge. An impressive sign of this: the Kalterersee Charter." - wein.kaltern

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