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Roero Arneis | Grape Variety 1/2

Roero Arneis | Grape Variety 1/2

Arneis is a white grape variety believed to originate from the Piedmont region of northern Italy. The name Arneis literally means 'the little rascal', as the grape variety is very finicky to grow. It is often susceptible to disease in the vineyard and has difficulty maintaining its acidity if not grown in the right climate. But when done right, it can produce a beautiful, fragrant wine with texture and great acidity.

Arneis can be described as a cross between Riesling, with its mineral flinty acidity, and Sauvignon Blanc, with its rich texture. It has a chalky tannic structure and high acidity, making it an ideal food wine. Arneis produces very fragrant wines with notes of pear and apple. The elegance of the aroma hides the fact that the wines have a medium to full flavor with pear, apple, stone fruit and nutty notes.

With its rich flavor profile, Arneis appeals to anyone who loves fruit-driven Chardonnay or Verdelho.Outside of Roero, Arneis wines are grown in the southern Langhe hills and in the northeastern Terre Alfieri (near Asti). - Gerardo

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Roero Arneis Classico DOCG 2021, Marco Porello, Piemont

Roero Arneis Classico DOCG 2021

Marco Porello, Piedmont

The color is a pale yellow, floral and fruity on the nose with notes of white fruit, citrus and a subtle spicy note. This new Arneis Classico from Marco Porello comes from various vineyards (including San Michele, Renesio, Tanone and others). The Arneis grapes all have slightly different characteristics, resulting in an interesting and distinct product. - Gerardo

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´Camestri´ Roero Arneis DOCG 2021, Marco Porello, Piemont

Camestri Roero Arneis DOCG 2021

Marco Porello, Piedmont

Pure variety Roero Arneis of characteristic straw yellow color with greenish reflections. On the nose floral notes, citrus and some floral honey. Fresh, clean and lively acidity on the palate. Well structured and balanced. 100% Roero Arneis. - Gerardo

"Ripe, nutty fragrance. Discreetly of apple peel and quince. Surprisingly strong aroma on the palate. Apple again. Compact and straightforward on the palate . Piquant after bitter almond. Grapefruit peel on the back palate. Hearty food companion." - Falstaff

   0,75-L 13,5 % Vol.  contains Sulfites  plus ShippingPrice incl. VAT (DE) in stock

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