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Molise | Wine region

Molise | Wine region

Until 1963 Molise formed a single region with Abruzzo in the north. The predominantly mountainous region is characterized by a coastal strip with a Mediterranean climate and the mountainous interior with a continental climate where most rainfall is concentrated in the autumn months. The economy is heavily agrarian, with wheat, corn,potatoes and vegetables being the main crops. Olive growing and viticulture are reasonably developed. 70% of the vineyards are located in the province of the regional capital Campobasso. The red grape varieties are cultivated up to altitudes above 500 meters above sea level. - Gerardo

"Molise is one of the smallest growing areas in Italy. The region consists mostly of mountainous land and plateaus. Its climate, at least inland, resembles that of a northern Italian wine territory rather than a Mediterranean zone, to which it is geographically counted. And yet there is quality viticulture in Molise, too - even one that is gaining momentum year by year." - Gambero Rosso

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´Molì Rosso´ · Terre degli Osci IGT 2019, Di Majo Norante, Molise

Molì Rosso · Terre degli Osci IGT 2019

Di Majo Norante, Molise

Molì Rosso is vinified from the best Montepulciano grapes and some Aglianico. Bright ruby red, fresh and fruity bouquet, full flavor with a slightly bitter aftertaste. Ideal with appetizers and meat in general. - Gerardo [TS08/20]

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