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Piedmont | White Wine Piedmont | White Wine

Piedmont | White Wine

Discover the refreshing and delicate white wines from Piedmont: the region is known not only for its red wines, but also for its high-quality white wines made from a variety of grape varieties, including Roero Arneis, Langhe Favorita, Moscato and Chardonnay.
br> Roero Arneis is an indigenous grape variety of Piedmont and produces a fruity and floral wine with a pale yellow color and a delicate aroma of white flowers and citrus. Langhe Favorita, also known as Vermentino, is another popular grape variety that produces a fresh and juicy wine with aromas of apple, pear and citrus.

Moscato is an aromatic grape variety usually used for sweet wines. Moscato wine from Piedmont is known for its floral aroma of jasmine and peach and its light, tangy flavor. Chardonnay, although not a native grape, is also grown in Piedmont and produces a full-bodied wine with flavors of citrus, apple and butter.

Try the exquisite white wines from Piedmont and enjoy the delicate flavors and refreshing quality of these excellent wines. - Gerardo [TS04/23]

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Roero Arneis Classico DOCG 2022, Marco Porello, Piemont

Roero Arneis Classico DOCG 2022

Marco Porello, Piedmont

The color is a pale yellow, floral and fruity on the nose with notes of white fruit, citrus and a subtle spicy note. This new Arneis Classico from Marco Porello comes from various vineyards (including San Michele, Renesio, Tanone and others). The Arneis grapes all have slightly different characteristics, resulting in an interesting and distinct product. - Gerardo [TS02/23]

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Langhe Favorita DOC 2022, Marco Porello, Piemont

Langhe Favorita DOC 2022

Marco Porello, Piedmont

The white grape variety Favorita is still cultivated only in small populations in the Roero area (Piedmont), where it is native. The grapes for Marco Porello's Langhe Favorita come from a 35-year-old vineyard in the heart of the commune of Vezza d'Alba. Favorita is straw yellow in color with greenish reflections in the glass. On the nose it has a persistent aroma of fruit and flowers. In the drink dry and of delicate freshness with a slightly bitter aftertaste. - Gerardo [TS02/23]

"With beautiful finesse and aromatic freshness guarantee promotes the rich, balanced and quaffable Langhe Favorita." - Gambero Rosso

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´Camestri´ · Roero Arneis DOCG 2022, Marco Porello, Piemont

Camestri · Roero Arneis DOCG 2022

Marco Porello, Piedmont

Pure variety Roero Arneis of characteristic straw yellow color with greenish reflections. On the nose floral notes, citrus and some floral honey. Fresh, clean and lively acidity on the palate. Well structured and balanced. 100% Roero Arneis. - Gerardo [TS02/23]

"Ripe, nutty fragrance. Discreetly of apple peel and quince. Surprisingly strong aroma on the palate. Apple again. Compact and straightforward on the palate . Piquant after bitter almond. Grapefruit peel on the back palate. Hearty food companion." - Falstaff

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´Luna d'Agosto´ · Chardonnay Langhe DOC 2022, Ca' del Baio, Piemont
Luna d'Agosto · Chardonnay Langhe DOC 2022

Ca' del Baio, Piedmont

Sweet, fruity and uncomplicated, yet by no means trivial, is this fine Chardonnay from the Langhe: the grapes harvested early, in the first weeks of September, give rise to this fresh, fruity wine, reminiscent of summer. It is naturally endowed with a mineral note that comes from the particular soils on which the vineyards are planted. - Gerardo [TS04/23]

"...quaffable amuses-gueules like from a picture book..." - Gambero Rosso

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Langhe Chardonnay DOC 2022, Giacomo Brezza & Figli, Piemont
Langhe Chardonnay DOC 2022 (Bio)

Giacomo Brezza & Figli, Piedmont

Authentic Chardonnay (without wood!) from the Langhe: The bouquet is characterized by floral notes, some honeydew melon and apricot. On the palate, a balance between structure, acidity and minerality. The varietal, fruit-driven style allows it to be combined with a variety of dishes. - Gerardo [TS06/23]

Certified organic product.

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´Fré´ · Riesling Langhe DOC 2020, Ca' del Baio, Piemont
Fré · Riesling Langhe DOC 2020

Ca' del Baio, Piedmont

The new Langhe Riesling is a project of the heart of Giulio Grasso: grown on the coolest slopes, this Riesling expresses the best possible of the Langhe terroir. Delicate straw yellow color with greenish reflections. Intense and aromatic on the nose, reminiscent of mango and pineapple. Finely balanced on the palate: Dry, delicate and elegant. - Gerardo [TS04/21]

"Intense greenish straw yellow. The nose has classic smoky notes, powerful hydrocarbon, fine citrus tones of grapefruit and bergamot. The palate is very lively, powerful, very elegant, despite a body of excellent weight. Long finish. A spectacle." - Daniele Cernilli (Doctor Wine)

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