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Blog: Giuseppe Gabbas | Sardinia

Giuseppe Gabbas started his activity in 1974 with the creation of a vineyard of 10 hectares, which were completed with additional vineyards on 20 hectares. The Gabbas winery is located in the center of Sardinia, on the hills of Oliena at an altitude between 240m and 350m above sea level in a valley at the foot of the Supramonte. Deep soils of sand and loose, weathered granite that are sufficiently permeable to retain some moisture during periods of prolonged drought.

The particular climate of the area, due to moderate winds from the sea, which is hardly more than 20 km away, and the proximity of the mountains provide an optimal temperature range. The positive effects on the color and flavor profile of the grapes. The ecosystem is ideal for the native vines, it reduces among other antiparasitic treatment, even with traditional products. The vineyards, designed for rationality, allow a wine quality at the highest level, respecting the basic rules such as pruning and moderate yields, thus reinforcing the important characteristics of the grape varieties. The main grape grown is the red Cannonau, as well as other local varieties of Sardinia. The Gabbas winery attaches great importance to the cultivation of native vines, which can develop and express themselves in a special way here. Terroir wines of high quality and elegance are produced. - Gerardo [TS06/22]

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NameGiuseppe Gabbas
Founding Year1974
OwnerGiuseppe Gabbas
OenologistLorenzo Landi
Annual Production (Btls)80.000
Vineyard Area (Hectare)15
Additional PurchaseNo
Family-run / Small WineryYes

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´Lillové´ · Cannonau di Sardegna DOC 2021, Gabbas, Sardinien

Lillové · Cannonau di Sardegna DOC 2021, Gabbas

Gabbas, Sardegna
€ 11,95
15,93 €/L
´Arbóre´ · Cannonau di Sardegna Classico DOC 2014, Gabbas, Sardinien

Arbóre · Cannonau di Sardegna Classico DOC 2014, Gabbas

Gabbas, Sardegna
€ 23,95
31,93 €/L
´Dule´ · Cannonau di Sardegna Classico DOC 2016, Gabbas, Sardinien

Dule · Cannonau di Sardegna Classico DOC 2016, Gabbas

Gabbas, Sardegna
€ 19,95
26,60 €/L