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Di Majo Norante has been making wine from grapes since 1800, as evidenced by the old cellars under the square and in the old family building in Campomarino. The commitment to viticulture was taken over first by Luigi and then by Alessio Di Majo and continues today alongside research and experimentation. Di Majo Norante produces its own wines from grapes grown in the 85 hectares of vineyards of the ancient fief of the Marquises Norante di Santa Cristina. The modern wine cellar will soon be flanked by a barrel warehouse, which was originally a 17th century stone granary. This is because Di Majo Norante's winemaking philosophy is consistent with a traditional approach to grape growing and winemaking that focuses on preserving all the characteristics of Mediterranean winemaking. - Gerardo [TS08/22]

"If the winemaking tradition of Molise is known in the world, much of the credit goes to Alessio Di Majo, who spins like a top to promote his wines. He produces many wines, some really good, others correct, but all with excellent value for money that has always characterized his wide range." - Daniele Cernilli (Doctor Wine)

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