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Palari | Sicily Palari | Sicily

Palari | Sicily

The history of the Palari Winery begins with a wonderful dream that awakened a special interest in the Messina area and the Nerello Mascalese. It was the meeting with Gino Veronelli in the 80's that gave the owner of the winery, Mr. Salvatore Geraci, the certainty that the realization of his dream of producing a wine coming from a vineyard located, so to speak, directly on the sea could become a reality. His own will and the advice of Donato Lanati did the rest.

The grapes come from 70 to 80 year old vines grown on sandy soils and at an altitude of about 600 meters above sea level on stone terraces that often have a slope of more than 80%. Only autochthonous grape varieties are used among which Nerello, Nocera, Cappuccio tignolino, Core'e palumba, Acitana and Galatena. All grapes that are part of the production requirements for Faro Doc. Palari wines are truly original and bold products that have revived the Doc and its terroir like few others. - Gerardo [TS07/22]&Hat

"It is no exception here that the vines, supported by dry stone walls, have to cling to slopes with an 80% gradient on the seven hectares of the farm. Sometimes they are very old vines, reared in the Alberello system, representing sometimes unusual varieties such as Acitana and Galatena. Salvatore Geraci, architect, winemaker and globetrotter in one person, who has found reliable caretakers in his brother Giampiero and oenologist Donati Lanati, uses the beautiful 18th-century family villa, from which there is a magnificent view over the Strait of Messina, as a processing and aging site for his wines." - Gambero Rosso

"Salvatore, 'Turi', Geraci is a well-known architect from Messina, an old student of Luigi Veronelli, who at a certain point in his life decided to produce wine on the family estate. His first experiments date back to 1990, but the first real label of Faro, a wine with very ancient origins that at that time had completely disappeared, was created only five years later. It took an 'experimental' period in which the wine was only drunk and commented on by him and his friends. However, when he began to produce in earnest, he produced true masterpieces, extraordinary wines, wholeheartedly Mediterranean, from hundred-year-old vines that dominated the strait opposite Reggio Calabria." - Daniele Cernilli (Doctor Wine)

´Rosso del Soprano´ IGT 2016, Palari, Sizilien

Rosso del Soprano IGT 2016

Palari, Sicily

The second wine of Palari shows a ruby red color and an aroma reminiscent of ripe fruit and underlined by spicy herbs. Pleasantly enveloping on the palate, with full body and fruity finish. - Gerardo [TS07/17]

"Bright ruby red. In the nose earthy nuances, strongly spicy, lightly of fruit tea, then rose hips and iodine. On the palate with cool, clear fruit, embedded in tightly woven tannins, with pressure and slight tasting on the finish." - Falstaff

"Bright and lively ruby garnet red. Clear and elegant aromatic profile, with nuances of pomegranate, strawberry, blood orange and light spicy notes of cardamom and pink pepper. The palate is warm, powerful and salty, lively, with excellent body and a wonderfully long finish." - Daniele Cernilli (Doctor Wine)

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´Faro´ DOC 2015, Palari, Sizilien

Faro DOC 2015

Palari, Sicily

The Faro shows a bright ruby color in the glass. The bouquet is fresh and complex, with extensive notes of cinnamon, black pepper, blueberries and cherries. The palate is rich and punchy, while balanced and of great persistence. - Gerardo [TS07/16]

"Noble, dark ruby with rusty brown reflections. In the nose balsamic-spicy, of wet stone, medicinal, reverberation of ripe cranberries. On the palate earthy-ferrous, opens with grip, clear fruit with a marked spicy course, has its own character, slightly drying on the finish, should be decanted beforehand." - Falstaff

"Intense garnet ruby red. More developed than in other versions, the nose has notes of strawberry jam, black currant, tamarind and ethereal hints of cherry brandy. Powerful on the palate, warm, with extended and velvety tannins, excellent length." - Daniele Cernilli (Doctor Wine)

"Mit seiner Struktur, Eleganz und Komplexität öffnet sich dieser überzeugende Wein mit Aromen von Waldbeeren, mediterraner Macchia, neuem Leder und einem Hauch von gepflügter Erde. Geschmeidig und umhüllend, zeigt der strahlende Gaumen eine große Tiefe an Aromen, darunter saftige rote Kirsche, zerdrückte Erdbeere und Lakritze, die durch eine anregende mineralische Spannung ausgeglichen werden. Er ist tadellos ausgewogen, mit straffen, raffinierten Tanninen und frischer Säure." - Wine Enthusiast

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