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Wine, Grappa & Delicacies | Blog Table of Contents

Wine, Grappa & Delicacies | Blog Table of Contents

In our blog you will find articles and explanations of terms on a variety of topics and keywords related to Italian wine, grappa and delicatessen. In addition, there are news and interesting links on the subject from the Internet. Our blog could also be described as a glossary or index, as it rather resembles a timeless list of terms with attached explanation of meaning.

Our blog is completely free of charge and is available to customers and readers from all over the Internet. In addition, every blog entry is available in German and English. Our blog is expanded and revised almost weekly and already contains several hundred entries.

The blog entries are largely based on the preliminary work of Gerhard 'Gerardo' Strunz, the founder of the Italian wine depot, and are now curated, corrected, updated and expanded by his son Tobias Strunz. A certain degree of artificial intelligence is used as a formulation aid and as a spell checker.

We wish you a lot of fun browsing through our pleasure bibilotheque - Gerardo [TS02/24]

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