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Grape variety

Aglianico - one of the oldest red grape varieties in southern Italy - is grown mainly in Basilicata, Campania and partly in Puglia. More than 2,500 years ago, the grape variety was introduced to Campania by the Greeks and from there gradually spread to the other regions of southern Italy. The grape variety produces full-bodied red wines with musky berry aromas and dense tannins. In addition, Aglianico has good aging potential. Although the grape variety is grown in hot climates, Aglianico can achieve high levels of fruit acidity, making it a popular and useful grape variety in the Mediterranean.

Wines made from Aglianico are basically powerful and tannic; because of the high tannin content, it usually takes several years of aging to fully appreciate the quality. For this reason alone, Aglianico is not a wine for quick consumption or the broad market. In their youth, Aglianico wines are usually tannic and concentrated. Only a few years of aging help to soften the wines and give them a profile. Connoisseurs appreciate not only the rustic elegance of Aglianico, but also the classic style of the extremely robust wines, which are also suitable for longer aging.

Aglianico is considered a high-quality grape variety and is one of the best in southern Italy, recently the vine has become increasingly popular outside Italy, as evidenced by some high-quality labels. Names like Aglianico 'Contado' from Di Majo Norante (Molise) and 'Titolo' from Elena Fucci (Basilicata) have long since found their place in the wine world. But there are also high-quality Aglianico wines to be discovered away from the show labels of well-known wineries - the winemakers of the south have recognized what treasure they are guarding in their vineyards. - Gerardo [TS06/23]

"The Aglianico reaches its best form in the regions of Basilicata as Aglianico del Vulture and in Taurasi as the wine of the same name, the latter having now even achieved a certain fame." - Falstaff

Type/PageGrape variety
SynonymsAglianica, Aglianico Amaro, Aglianico di Castellaneta, Aglianico Femminile, Aglianico Mascolino, Aglianico Zerpoluso, Aglianico Tringarulo, Aglianicuccia, Agnanico, Agliatica, Agnanico di Castellaneta, Aglianichella, Aglianicone, Aglianichello, Aglianico del Vulture, Aglianico di Taurasi, Aglianico nero, Aglianco di Puglia, Cerasole, Cascavoglia, Ellenico, Ellanico, Gagliano, Ghiannara, Glianica, Fiano rosso, Gnanico, Gnanica, Ghiandara, Ghianna, Granica, Fresella, Olivella di S. Cosmo, Ruopolo, Prie blanc, Uva Nera, Spriema, Uva dei Cani, Uva Catellaneta, Uva di Castellaneta, Tringarulo

Shop: Aglianico
´Titolo´ · Aglianico del Vulture MAGNUM DOC 2020, Elena Fucci, Basilikata

Titolo · Aglianico del Vulture MAGNUM DOC 2020 (Bio), Elena Fucci

Elena Fucci, Basilicata
€ 99,95
66,63 €/L
´Bolonero´ · Castel del Monte Rosso DOC 2019, Torrevento, Apulien

Bolonero · Castel del Monte Rosso DOC 2019, Torrevento

Torrevento, Puglia
€ 6,95
9,27 €/L
Aglianico IGT 2018, Cantine Polvanera, Apulien

Aglianico IGT 2018 (Bio), Cantine Polvanera

Cantine Polvanera, Puglia
€ 11,50 jetzt € 10,50
14,00 €/L
´Titolo´ · Aglianico del Vulture DOC 2020, Elena Fucci, Basilikata

Titolo · Aglianico del Vulture DOC 2020 (Bio), Elena Fucci

Elena Fucci, Basilicata
€ 35,95
47,93 €/L
Cappellaccio Aglianico Riserva DOC 2014, Rivera, Apulien

Cappellaccio Aglianico Riserva DOC 2014, Rivera

Rivera, Puglia
€ 9,95
13,27 €/L
Aglianico Campania IGT 2020, Casa D'Ambra, Kampanien

Aglianico Campania IGT 2020, Casa D'Ambra

Casa D'Ambra, Campania
€ 7,95
10,60 €/L