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Fiano is a aromatic white grape variety from which the highly regarded Fiano di Avellino is made in Campania in southern Italy. Avellino is a wine region in the hills inland from Naples. Fiano is also grown in other southern Italian regions such as Basilicata and the Salentine Peninsula in Puglia. Although Fiano has spread to other areas, including Sicily, where it tends to produce rounder and riper varieties, the hilly area of Irpinia, the ancient name of the inland geographical area that includes the Apennines around the town of Avellino, is the vine's spiritual home.

Fiano produces structured white wines with medium to full-bodied flavors and intense floral aromas. Its rich orchard fruit flavors are often accented with compelling smoky minerals, aromatic herbs and crisp acidity. A hazelnut note on the finish is also common. The best wines have lots of energy and intriguing complexity. To preserve the freshness and aromas, Fiano producers usually vinify exclusively in steel tanks. - Gerardo

Fiano Minutolo

NameFiano Minutolo
CategoryGrape variety

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´La Segreta´ · Il Bianco IGT 2023, Planeta, Sizilien

La Segreta · Il Bianco IGT 2023 (Bio), Planeta

Planeta, Sicily
€ 8,50
11,33 €/L
´Cometa´ · Sicilia Menfi Fiano DOC 2022, Planeta, Sizilien

Cometa · Sicilia Menfi Fiano DOC 2022, Planeta

Planeta, Sicily
€ 26,95
35,93 €/L