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Fiano Minutolo | Grape variety

Fiano Minutolo | Grape variety

Fiano Minutolo is from Puglia and should not be confused with the Fiano di Avellino grape variety. The Apulian variety is also known as Fiano Aromatico or Fianello and is one of the so-called aromatic varieties. The grape variety, which is native exclusively to southern Italy, produces extremely bouquet-rich and aromatic white wines with an expressive flavor profile.

Fiano Minutolo is reminiscent of exotic fruits but also peaches, apples and oranges with its fruity vigor. The wines from this grape variety, which is also known as Fiano di Puglia, are always full-bodied and not entirely dissimilar to a Traminer or Sauvignon. - Gerardo

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´La Segreta´ · Il Bianco IGT 2021, Planeta, Sizilien

La Segreta · Il Bianco IGT 2021

Planeta, Sicily

Straw yellow with delicate greenish reflections. Rich and tangy on the nose. Hints of green citrus, lime and bergamot, peach and white melon. Fresh and full-bodied, with a fresh acidity that prolongs and balances the flavor. Fine and aromatic on the finish. - Gerardo [TS08/22]

"Pale straw yellow. Very restrained on the nose, light yellow fruit. Creamy palate entry with melting body, fruit-driven mid-palate, pleasant and well-integrated acidity on the finish." - Falstaff

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Puglia Bianco Minutolo IGT 2020, Cantine Polvanera, Apulien

Puglia Bianco Minutolo IGT 2020

Cantine Polvanera, Puglia

Pure varietal Fiano Minutolo (Puglia Fiano) of delicate straw yellow color. Intense and aromatic on the nose of bergamot, banana, peach and chamomile. On the palate finely spicy and of good structure. Typical is the pronounced and aromatic bouquet, followed by the dry taste characterized by bittergout. - Gerardo

"The nose is very clean, fine with very aromatic notes of white peach, aromatic herbs and elderberry. A nice confirmation on the palate, pleasant, fresh and fluid." - Daniele Cernilli (Doctor Wine)

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´Crè´ · Fiano Minutolo IGP 2020, Vetrère, Apulien

Crè · Fiano Minutolo IGP 2020

Vetrère, Puglia

The Fiano Minutolo Cré (Ital. 'Creare' i.e. 'Create') shows a straw yellow color with pale green shimmer in the glass. Clean and varietal bouquet of yellow roses, orange blossom and tropical fruits such as papaya and pineapple. On the palate, the recurring impression of exotic fruit blends with Williams pear, sweet almond and fine minerality. 100% Minutolo. - Gerardo [TS12/21]

"Further confirmation was provided by the cré obtained from Fiano minutolo, which reveals a nice spiciness, symphatic freshness and supportive acidity to a bouquet of chamomile and tart honey. - Gambero Rosso'

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´Laureato´ · Salento Bianco IGP 2020, Vetrère, Apulien
Laureato · Salento Bianco IGP 2020

Vetrère, Puglia

Laureato is a complex cuvee of Chardonnay and Minutolo: on the nose of raisins, dried fruit and white pepper. The palate is superbly structured, enveloping, of great length. Thanks to the Chardonnay component, a mild, slightly buttery white wine which gains even more from the fruit and spicy notes of the Fiano Minutolo. - Gerardo [TS12/21]

"A sweet vein emerges in the Susine and white pepper-scented Laureato, but the beautiful fabric and delicious length make it forget..." - Gambero Rosso

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´VT´ · Minutolo Vendemmia Tardiva IGP 2020, Vetrère, Apulien
VT · Minutolo Vendemmia Tardiva IGP 2020

Vetrère, Puglia

VT is a single varietal Fiano Minutolo, which is made from late harvested grapes: The nose is redolent of orange blossom, lime and exotic fruits such as papaya and pineapple. VT has excellent freshness and persistence and excellent minerality. - Gerardo [TS12/21]

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´Cometa´ · Sicilia Menfi Fiano DOC 2020, Planeta, Sizilien
Cometa · Sicilia Menfi Fiano DOC 2020

Planeta, Sicily

Deep straw yellow with pronounced greenish reflections. Intense, almost penetrating. Aromatic nuances mainly of white peach, pineapple, tangerine, peppermint, reminiscent of Mediterranean flora such as chamomile and wild thyme. Powerful and elegant, Cometa moves dynamically between gentle sensations and pronounced scents of the seashore. The finish is rich in aromas and varietal nuances and of remarkable longevity. - Gerardo [TS08/21]

"Sparkling, rich straw yellow. Intense and at the same time finely marked nose, opens with notes of exotic fruit, lychee and mango, but also lots of peach, some lemon in the background. Very fresh on the attack, juicy yellow fruit notes, present, well-integrated acidity gives tension, creamy on the back end with very good weight, juicy." - Falstaff

"Extremely aromatic on the nose, white nougat, pistachio, mango, papaya; focused and compact on the palate, again white nougat, almond and honey, animating acidity." - Weinwirtschaft

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